CSGO: ESL Announce the ESL Pro Tour

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CSGO: ESL Announce the ESL Pro Tour

ESL has announced the creation of their new open tournament circuit, the ESL Pro Tour.

The ESL Pro Tour will be a worldwide CS:GO tournament circuit that encompasses both DreamHack and ESL events. The circuit will launch in 2020 and have a combined prize pool of $5M across more than 20 different events. The tournament circuit will consist of three categories of tournaments: Open, Challenger and Masters. The series will culminate with two “Masters Championships” tournaments every year.

ESL Pro Tour Tournament Types

The “Masters” tournaments include the elite brands of the CS:GO calendar. Additionally, these tournaments count for the Intel Grand Slam. The tournaments are DreamHack Masters, ESL One, Intel Extreme Masters and the ESL Pro League. The “Challengers” tournaments will include the ESL National Championships (which include the ESL Premiership and ESL Meisterschaft), DreamHack Open and the Mountain Dew League. ESL has confirmed the two larger “Masters Championships” as IEM Katowice and ESL One Cologne. Through competing in tournaments across the ESL Pro Tour, players will earn points that will qualify them for competition at the Masters Championship tournaments.

ESL Pro Tour Dates

In an official press release, ESL’s CEO Ralf Reichert stated that “This partnership between ESL and DreamHack will give youths a clearer and more complete path to becoming somebody and a structure that is more welcoming and digestible for new esports fans.” Marcus Lindmark, co-CEO of DreamHack also stated that “This collaboration will provide a deeper meaning and purpose to all our properties allowing us to provide fans with more thrilling experiences than before”.

ESL has also announced that they will reveal further details of the ESL Pro Tour at their ESL One New York event on September 28th, 2019.

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