CS:GO Dust 2 Guide, Tactics You Should Know

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CS:GO Dust 2 Guide, Tactics You Should Know

There are all sorts of CS:GO maps you can put to the test, and one of them is Dust 2. Every experienced player has tried this map at least a couple of times because it is definitely the most popular one. No wonder thousands of people queue for a ranked game daily.

Aside from being famous among casual fans, Dust 2 is also a map with many fans from professional players. This explains why it is in the map pool of pretty much any big event.

Many people think they know everything about this map and how to take advantage of it, but this is usually not the case. That’s why this article will include some tips and tricks you have to be aware of to make the most while playing.

Pushing A on the T side

As you know, Dust 2 used to be one of the few maps that favor the Ts more than CTs. However, Valve decided to make some changes, which is why it is safe to say that the map is more balanced. 

There are all sorts of tactics on the CT side, but the same applies to the Ts. One is fun and can be extremely rewarding, but it is hard to pull off, especially if you play with random people. With that being said, if you manage to take advantage of it, you will most likely win the round.

The first important thing you have to know about it is that players have a specific role and must hold on to their utilities for as long as possible. The tactic focuses on the A-site, so it all starts by securing the catwalk. Usually, this will require three players whose goal is to smoke the site, as well as block the CTs LoS on the site for long. Of course, CTs can hide near the boxes, so players also have to throw Molotovs.

In some cases, you can even put four people there and send the remaining player too long. Aside from the utilities mentioned above, players should throw flashes so that they can safely enter the bombsite.

Securing the B bombsite

Every professional CS:GO team has some tactics for Dust 2’s B bombsite. One of them is pretty popular and people use it all the time. To take advantage of it, your team needs to have three people mid and two outside the Upper B tunnels. The idea here is for the three mid-players to cut off the CT’s vision near their spawn by throwing two smokes. In some cases, players may need to use a Molotov because some teams often have one player near their spawns.

After that’s taken care of, one of two of the players mid and one of their teammates in the upper B tunnels can throw a flash and rush the site. Needless to say, all the CTs there should be blinded, so you should be able to kill them in no time. Once you do that, plant the bomb and be ready for the incoming push from the remaining CTs. Since you will have the number advantage, you should be able to win the round.

The classic 3/2

If there is one tactic for the A site on Dust 2, it has to be the 3/2. This is the most popular tactic in CS:GO, and almost everyone knows about it. Despite that, pro teams use it all the time because it allows them to do a lot of damage and claim the bomb with little to no effort.

As its name suggests, this tactic requires all five players. They have to split into two groups consisting of two and three players. Usually, two players head to long, whereas the other three have to try to take the catwalk. However, some teams prefer to send three players long, especially if they know that someone will defend it.

Often, this tactic works best if you throw one smoke near the mid-doors and one smoke when you are near the car. The second option will allow you to walk out of the doors without getting caught, whereas the first one will prevent the enemies from noticing you.

Once ready, it is time to throw the needed flashes from long, allowing your team to go in and pick off any CT that decided to push. In most cases, your opponents will probably focus on long, which means that your teammates can rush from the catwalk and catch them off guard.

Of course, the CTs might be smarter and could notice that their opponent wants to use this tactic. In this case, they will focus all of their efforts on catwalk, which means that the players who went long have to try to make the most of the situation.


There are loads of other tactics to choose from, so make sure to read more about them and watch a few videos. Keep in mind that professional CS:GO teams become more innovative, so there might be loads of other options in the future.

CS:GO Dust 2 Guide, Tactics You Should Know
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