CS:GO DreamHack Open March Finalists Known

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CS:GO DreamHack Open March Finalists Known

The teams that will be competing in DreamHack Open March for both the North American and South American Qualifiers have been finalized.

The closed qualifier for North America found Extra Salt breezing through the rounds unscathed. Extra Salt, which is composed of gamers from four countries, defeated Ocean Gaming in the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals; then Recon 5 in the Semifinals and RBG Esports in the Finals.

RBG Esports, who had defeated Mythic and Secret Club to arrive in the Upper Bracket Finals, had to wait for the other Lower Bracket finals qualifier to go through three Lower Bracket rounds. Afterward, Recon 5 defeated the very same teams, Mythic and Secret Club, that RBG Esports won over to earn the right to meet RBG Esports in the Lower Bracket finals.

RBG Esports prevailed over Recon 5 to earn the last slot in the closed qualifier.

The RBG Esports CS:GO team sits on stage together with some people behind them and the DreamHack logo in the corner

The South American version of the closed qualifier only had four teams competing. Firstly, 9z Team dropped only one map to grab the Upper Bracket finalist’s slot. Meanwhile, the other slot was taken by Havan Liberty, who recovered beautifully from a Round 1 Upper Bracket loss to Paquetả Gaming. In fact, they didn’t suffer any further losses in the Lower Bracket rounds.

These closed qualifiers were held on February 26 (South America) and 27 (North America).

Direct invites

These four teams who’ve gone through the closed qualifiers will be joined by teams who received direct invites to the Finals from DreamHack. The invitees to the South American Qualifiers are winners of the South American Championship Invitational. Subsequently, the two invited teams are Shark and Imperial.

Both the North American and South American Qualifiers will be played from March 10-14. The North American Qualifiers will have a total prize pot of $70,000 while $30,000 has been allocated for the South American Qualifiers.

Here are the finalists for DreamHack Open North America:

  1. Liquid
  2. Bad News Bears
  3. Pain
  4. Rebirth
  5. High Coast
  6. Triumph
  7. Extra Salt
  8. RBG Esports

And here are the finalists for DreamHack Open South America:

  1. Sharks
  2. Imperial
  3. 9z
  4. Havan Liberty

Launched in 2012, DreamHack Open was the Swedish production company’s premier esports circuit. Moreover, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been its featured title since 2015.

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