CS:GO: Dreamhack Masters Spring Open Qualifier — Day 1 Results

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CS:GO: Dreamhack Masters Spring Open Qualifier — Day 1 Results

Eight teams remain after a series of upsets on Day One, including Fnatic as one of the biggest upsets.

Russia’s 81st ranked GROND narrowly lost to Nordavind which was 22 places behind the Russians in the world rankings. This will certainly impact GROND’s quick rise in the world rankings since the start of the year. Nordavind will meet SG.pro in the quarterfinals.

Meanwhile, SG.pro routed Nexus in what should have been a closer match.

Kazakhistan's K23 enjoyed a huge upset victory as the 143rd ranked CS:GO squad beat the 24th ranked Sinners from the Czech Republic. K23 will meet Singularity, which won over the higher-ranked German team ALTERNATE aTTaX.

The next two teams qualifying for the round of eight are Hard Legion and VOYVODA. Hard Legion of Russia won comfortably over the Lyngby Vikings, but VOYVODA had an even easier Day One as its opponent IQUE was disqualified for fielding under-aged 14-year old Jimi “Jimpphat” Salo.

Movistar Riders dumped forZe and now remains to be the only team in the Top 30 still competing in the tournament. They will be up against Budapest Five who survived the BLUEJAYS in the round of 16.

Fnatic play in a round of CS:GO at the DreamHack Masters

Earlier rounds in the tournament had seen high-ranking teams like Sprout, MIBR and the number one seed, Fnatic, bow out.

Here again, are the quarterfinals matchups:

  • Nordavind vs. SG.pro
  • K23 vs. Singularity
  • Hard Legion vs. VOYVODA
  • Movistar Riders vs Budapest Five

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