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Jaishil Mistry
Jaishil "Drifter" Mistry is a Dota 2 analyst, esports journalist and a professional coach. He has high proficiency in draft and game analysis of Dota 2 matches. Connect with him on Twitter @DrifterDota

CS:GO: DBL PONEY Roster To Include NBK At Flashpoint 3

Pro CS:GO player Nathan “NBK” Schmitt high fives someone off camera in his Vitality jersey.
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NBK is set to play in the Flashpoint 3 main event with DBL PONEY.

The French player Nathan “NBK” Schmitt will be joining DBL PONEY in the upcoming Flashpoint 3 tournament.

Flashpoint organizers, Valve and OG confirmed approved NBK to play with the squad in the Valve-sanctioned event. NBK had originally played with the team during the RMR events as a stand-in. The 26-year-old was benched by OG Esports prior to standing in with DBL PONEY.

DBL PONEY’s roster includes other players: Alexandre “bodyy” Pianaro, Lucas “Lucky” Chastang, Aurélien “afroo” Drapier and Thomas “Djoko” Pavoni. The team will begin their Flashpoint 3 double-elimination run on May 10. DBL PONEY will first participate in a derby against Vitality, and depending on how the first round of play goes, could be matched with Astralis or OG.

NBK confirmed this announcement on Twitter saying, “I guess I lied – I will play with DBL Poney for the main event of Flashpoint 3”.

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