CS:GO Breaks Record of Average Players and Keeps Growing

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CS:GO Breaks Record of Average Players and Keeps Growing

CS:GO ended 2019 with a record-breaking average of recurrent players and solid month to month growth.

The end of 2019 brought a piece of good news for CS:GO, as the game is maintaining steady growth from month to month. The average count of CS:GO players has now reached a record value. This is the highest since the release of the game seven years ago in August 2012.

According to Steamcharts.com, the average player count in CS:GO within the last month was over 456k, breaking all previous records. The average count has been growing during the last three months and its growth increased even more with the release of the newest Shattered Web operation. The first days of January show the recurrent numbers are continuing to climb.

A screenshot from Valve's Steamcharts.com showing the average number of monthly players each month in 2019

Though the peak players count is still unbeaten from April of 2016 (850.485 players), when CS:GO had ongoing Operation Wildfire and the final part of MLG Columbus Major, the trend is great news for CS:GO lovers.

Slava Britvin
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