CSGO: Born To Be Brave Charity Event to Include s1mple & Other Top Players

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CSGO: Born To Be Brave Charity Event to Include s1mple & Other Top Players

Everything you need to know about the Born to Be Brave Charity Event, including s1mple and other CSGO pros.

The last couple of months in Ukraine have not been easy, to say the least. The ongoing war with Russia has an effect on everyone, which is why Natus Vincere, one of the most popular eSports clubs in the world, decided to host a charity event”. According to the organization’s CEO Yevhen Zolotarov`, the organization turns 13 this year, but instead of celebrating, it wants to do something for Ukraine. Hence, we will have the chance to watch a charity CSGO tournament called BORN TO BE BRAVE.

Born to be Brave

Since this will be a charity tournament, all of the money it will raise will go towards Ukraine’s medical needs as a part of the UNITED24 presidential initiative. One of the many things that make this event stand out is that fans will have a crucial role in it. Besides having access to some of the best players in the world, they can also determine the maps that players will focus on. Furthermore, they can even access their TeamSpeak services as long as the event reaches a specific donation milestone.

BORN TO BE BRAVE will last 1 day, and it will have 4 specific donation goals. The first one is $350K, and it will include TeamSpeak unlock, which will allow you to hear what players say. The second goal is at $400k, and it includes roster unlock (in other words, you can see which players will be a part of it). Up next, we have the $450K goal, which allows you to pick maps. Lastly, the $500K goal will give you a map veto, allowing you to select the map for the final.

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The person who contributes the most will win a VIP ticket for the Major. Aside from that, this person will get the following:

  • Backstage access to the event
  • Signed Merch
  • Meetup with the team
  • 1st class plane ticket and accommodation in a 5-star hotel
  • Personal driver across the entire length of the event
  • Special entertaining program.
  • A walk along the Seine and a special dinner
  • Tour of the V.Hive

Additional prizes

Aside from everything mentioned so far, players can also win other kinds of rewards. For example, the BORN TO BE BRAVE event will allow users to win gaming gear, in-game skins, special rings, watches, a signed Ukrainian Flag, special rings, and more. They can even meet s1mple and win his MVP pedal and receive a steam sign.

The players

Despite the fact that this event won’t have any impact on the regular CSGO season, it will attract a lot of top-tier players. In fact, the teams that will be a part of the BORN TO BE BRAVE event include:

  • Team One Shot
  • Team Rush A Rush B
  • Team U Shall Not Pass
  • Team Go Kill

We don't yet know any information about the teams and their players, except 3 popular players. S1mple, b1t, and Soy will be a part of the event, but we expect to see even more popular names.

Keep in mind that the event will take place on December 22, which means that the organizers might give us access to more information. Feel free to follow ESTNN for further details.

CSGO: Born To Be Brave Charity Event to Include s1mple & Other Top Players
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