CS:GO: BLAST Premier Spring Groups Result

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CS:GO: BLAST Premier Spring Groups Result

All the CS:GO teams going into the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown and Finals.

The CS:GO BLAST Premier Spring Groups competition has concluded. After an action-packed week of, we have a clear picture of which teams are going into BLAST Showdown and Finals.

Play-In Stage

The Play-In stage started with the quarterfinals. MIBR won 2-0 against Complexity with games on Nuke and Ancient. Natus Vincere dominated Team Liquid on Mirage and Ancient, winning 2-0 against the American side. BIG won 2-1 against Evil Geniuses. The latter could only manage a win in the first match on Overpass. BIG won the last two games on Dust II and Vertigo.

The semifinals saw Team Vitality take MIBR 2-0 on Dust II and Inferno. NAVI trumped Ninjas In Pyjamas on Nuke and Overpass. Last, BIG took full advantage of Astralis’ bad form and won their matches on Ancient and Dust II.

Team Vitality won 2-1 against G2 Esports in the Finals. While G2 got one victory in the second match on Mirage, they couldn’t come on top in the first match on Inferno and the last match on Dust II. NiP were poor in the finals against OG, who won the first and last match on Overpass and Mirage, respectively. Ninjas could only get a single win on Ancient in a 2-1 loss. FaZe won 2-1 against BIG. The first and last match on Dust II and Nuke went in favor of FaZe. BIG could only win the second match on Overpass.

Winners of finals qualify directly for BLAST Premier Finals. Second and third teams play the Last Change matches and fourth teams go to the BLAST Premier Showdown.

Last Chance Matches

As the name suggests, losers of semifinals and finals of the Play-In stage compete for a last chance in the BLAST Premier Spring Finals tour. Losers play in the Spring Showdown.

The first match between G2 and MIBR didn’t go in favor of the latter. G2 won 2-0 with matches on Ancient and Inferno. NAVI won 2-0 against NiP who couldn’t bounce back on both Nuke and Overpass. BIG took the series against Astralis, after the latter failed to get a win on Ancient and got destroyed in the second match on Dust II.

Teams going into Spring Finals

  • Team Vitality
  • OG
  • FaZe Clan
  • G2 Esports
  • Natus Vincere
  • BIG

Teams going into Spring Showdown

  • MIBR
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Astralis
  • Complexity Gaming
  • Team Liquid
  • Evil Geniuses

We've seen Team Vitality do exceptionally well in the competitions so far. Apart from their loss to FaZe in the groups, the French side has looked quite strong. FaZe are also looking good and can take a lot of positives from their performances. OG have also performed brilliantly in the tour.

NAVI have had a bit of a slump in their performances, judging by their monstrous form in the previous season. G2 can also do a lot better. However, the most poor performances have come from Astralis. Although the Danish side have made it to the Showdown, that is not their usual standings. Astralis were easily the top teams, but now they are struggling to get close to that level.

The CS:GO BLAST Premier Spring Showdown will begin from April 20-24, while the Spring Finals will start much later from June 14-19, 2022.

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