CSGO: BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2023 Predictions

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CSGO: BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2023 Predictions

Everything you need to know ahead of the CSGO BLAST Premier Group stage.

After the very successful 2022 for CSGO, it is time for another year full of surprises. 2023 looks to be promising because Valve might finally decide to release Source 2 for one of the biggest esports in the world.

Speaking of esports, the first big CSGO tournament in 2022 will be the BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2023. The event will include 12 teams, and you can learn everything about it by checking our in-depth review. 

Considering this is the first big CSGO competition of the year, it will be a lucrative option for online bettors. We can give you access to the best CSGO betting websites, but before you decide which operator to go for, it is time to learn more about the favorites. What you are about to read is a betting prediction based on your own experience, so make sure you conduct your own research before you start betting.

With that out of the way, here are some of the favorites for the BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2023.


It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that Heroic is the big favorite to win the first CSGO competition of 2023. The European team was outstanding in 2022 and won numerous top events. Consequently, the team finished as #1 in the World ranking. 

TeSeS, stavn, cadiaN, and sjuush have been playing together for some time now. In fact, the only roster change that Heroic made was the addition of Jabbi. The latter joined the team in June 2022 and had an important role in the team’s success.

Speaking of the devil, Heroic won several big tournaments, such as the Pinnacle Cup Championship, where it defeated Astralis.  People expected the team to win the IEM Rio Major 2022, but cadiaN and the rest lost the final against Outsiders (VP). Fortunately, they ended 2022 with an impressive victory against FaZe Clan at the BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022.

The fact that Heroic became the best CSGO team in 2022 also affects the odds offered by some bookmakers. Naturally, most companies consider them the favorites, so don’t be surprised if the odds aren’t as high as you might expect.

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Heroic received a slot in the UB Semifinals, where it will face none other than Evil Geniuses. The latter had a rough year and recently parted ways with CeRq, so it will be interesting to see them in action.

FaZe Clan

Similar to Heroic, FaZe is one of the partner teams, which means it will always have a spot in this tournament. However, this doesn’t mean you should not bet on them because the team achieved incredible results in 2022.

If we look at Faze Clan’s performance, we will see that the team won numerous events. Starting with IEM Katowice XVI, where rain and the rest defeated G2 Esports, the team also won the ESL Pro League Season 15, the PGL Major Antwerp 2022, as well as IEM XVII – Cologne. What’s interesting is that the last two victories were against Natus Vincere.

Similar to other top-tier CSGO teams, FaZe hasn’t made any drastic roster changes recently. In fact, the last one took palace in early 2022 when ropz joined the team. Aside from him, FaZe’s current roster consists of karrigan, Twistzz, broky and rain.

FaZe’s first challenge in the CSGO BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2023 will be against Complexity Gaming in Group B. If the team wins, it will have to play against the winner from Liquid and OG.

One of the interesting things that you may find on some CSGO betting sites is different promotions about FaZe. Since this is one of the most popular professional teams, some companies often provide special perks, such as free bets. So, try to learn more about the available propositions before choosing a given brand.

Natus Vincere

The number 3 slot on our list when it comes down to BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2022 favorite is for Natus Vincere. One of the most popular CSGO teams in the world is always among the favorites, even if it's not in its best form. Courtesy of s1mple, the team has what it takes to defeat anyone, even the best in the world.

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Speaking of the best, Na’Vi’s performance in 2022 was pretty good, despite winning only one big event. The team lost several big finals, such as those against FaZe Clan. What’s more, it performed really well against almost all events that it was a part of.

Na’Vi’s most impressive victory of 2022 was in the Blast Premier: Spring Finals 2022 when it defeated Team Vitality. This was one of the most impressive finals of the year, and Na’Vi deserved their $200,000 paycheck.

When it comes down to roster changes, Na’Vi made one important move in the last couple of days of 2022 by adding npl. He had to replace sdy, one of the players that have been a part of the team for some time. In addition to npl, Na’Vi’s current roster consists of electroNic, Perfecto, b1t, and s1mple. The latter has been Na’Vi’s superstar since 2016.

In terms of the BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2023, Na’Vi is in Group C, where it will have to play against Ninjas in Pyjamas. The latter made a couple of interesting changes in late 2022 and 2023 (the latest addition is headtr1ck), so we are yet to see whether they will allow the team to shine.


Even though Astralis’s 2022 performance is nothing to brag about, the fact that dev1ce is back in the game is more than enough to make them one of the favorites. The legendary European team was the best in the world for several years, and it seems like it finally has the roster it needs to dominate again.

Aside from dev1ce, who returned in 2022, the team also added Buzz. They will play alongside Xyp9x, gla1ve and blameF. Before you check the leading CSGO betting sites, remember that Astralis in Group A will have to play against Team Vitality. If it wins, it will be up against Heroir or EG, so we expect to see a lot of interesting matches.

CSGO: BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2023 Predictions
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