CS:GO: BLAST Partners With Dutch Watchmaker TW Steel

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CS:GO: BLAST Partners With Dutch Watchmaker TW Steel

BLAST is keeping time by partnering with TW Steel.

Premier tournament operator BLAST announced a collaboration with TW Steel, a watchmaker company known for oversized watches and chronographs. The company has racing drivers and people involved in the music industry as brand ambassadors, but this is the first esports collaboration for them.

“Every second counts” – the motto perfectly fits both watchmakers and CS:GO lovers. TW Steel and BLAST have brought around a limited series called BLAST Special Editions. It consists of two watch models: VS99, which costs €149, and MS99 (€299). Each BLAST Special Edition features scratch protective, sapphire coated crystals.

Both watches are done in simple colors with a BLAST logo in the bottom part of the clock face.

TW Steel BLAST black and white watches

The BLAST Special Editions are now available at a special pre-order price until June 21, 2020. Orders ship in October or early November. The timepieces will be available at full retail prices in October 2020.

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