CS:GO: BIG Crush Vitality To Win CS_Summit 6 Europe

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CS:GO: BIG Crush Vitality To Win CS_Summit 6 Europe

BIG is victorious yet again.

Berlin International Gaming keeps its successful online run with a confident win over Vitality in the final match of cs_summit 6 Online: Europe. With that done, BIG instantly moves to the 8th position of the European RMR, now having 2000 ranking points.

Vitality had a one map advantage since they came to the Grand Final from the upper bracket, but even when BIG started with 0-1 score, they managed to take the win. The game was going logically, as both teams won their own map picks, but Vitality surprisingly was not ready to T-side of BIG on Overpass, the decider map. The MVP of the Final is surely Ismailcan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş, who finished the game having +17 K/D difference and 83 kills.

However, even though Vitality lost the final match, they have already secured the spot at ESL One Rio Major. After two RMR events, the French team got 3535 points and now occupies a leading position in the European region. The only way for Vitality to have not guaranteed spot is to make roster changes.

Cs_summit 6 Online: Europe final standings and prizes:

  1. BIG – $34,000 & 2000 RMR points
  2. Vitality – $22,000 & 1875 RMR points
  3. OG – $17,000 & 1750 RMR points
  4. Heroic – $13,000 & 1625 RMR points
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