CSGO: AVANGAR Takes Win at BLAST Pro Series Moscow

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CSGO: AVANGAR Takes Win at BLAST Pro Series Moscow

The recent Major’s finalists are keeping up the pace, grabbing the BLAST Pro Series Moscow trophy and $125K USD in Moscow. In the Grand Final of BLAST Pro Series, AVANGAR defeated forZe with a 2:1 score. It's important to note that fans would've never seen these finalists if Vitality would have participated in the event.

The final was tough, but AVANGAR simply outvetoed the opponent by leaving the choice of Train or Dust2 for forZe for the decider map.

AVANGAR started their road in Moscow with 2 losses on the first day of the event but cleared their way in the second day with four impressive victories.

Dzhami “Jame” Ali earned MVP award with a 1.43 rating in the final series versus forZe and 1.37 rating over the whole event. He also held the best kills-death differential, deaths per rounds, AWP kills and AWP kills per round.

Clearly, IT’S JAME TIME!

Final standings of BLAST Pro Series Moscow:


  1. AVANGAR, $125.000
  2. forZe, $50.000
  3. NiP, $25.000+$20.000 from stand-off series
  4. MIBR, $15.000
  5. ENCE, $10.000
  6. Natus Vincere, $5.000

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