CS:GO: Astralis Signs Lucky As Their Main Awper

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CS:GO: Astralis Signs Lucky As Their Main Awper

Lucky adds fresh energy and some positive prospects to the Astralis squad.

Astralis announced their new signing of Philip “Lucky” Ewald from Tricked Esport. The 18-year-old will play as the main awper for the team.

Lucky had a prominent role in the Tricked Esport squad, while major teams closely monitored his progress. His playing style and skills will add great value to the squad.

Kasper Hvidt, Director of Sports at Astralis mentioned that the organisation is trying to build for the future. According to Kasper, it is important to keep progressing and adding an energetic and skilled player like Lucky does exactly that.

What Lucky Has To Say

“I have really enjoyed my time in Tricked and I have a lot to thank them for.” Said Lucky, giving his thoughts on the transfer. “When Astralis comes knocking, everything changes, though. It’s without a doubt one of the most professional organizations and I already feel welcome and part of the family.”

Lucky will face a new challenge at Astralis but the young player feels enthusiastic about it. “I have a lot to learn at Astralis. From their extensive playbook to everything going on outside the game. It will be a new feeling to be at a place where people have strong opinions about everything we do, but I’m super excited to get started.”

He also mentioned that the fan base will try to compare him to Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz, former main awper of Astralis. However, Lucky was quick to explain that he can never do what dev1ce has done in his time with the Danish giants. Instead, the young talent is confident in his own style of play and wants to show who he really is.

Astralis and Tricked have not disclosed the transfer amount of Lucky’s contract which starts from August 1.

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