CSGO: Astralis stomps 100Thieves to grab the crown at IEM Beijing-Haidian

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CSGO: Astralis stomps 100Thieves to grab the crown at IEM Beijing-Haidian

Astralis have taken the top prize at IEM Beijing and earned a spot in the Intel Grand Slam S3 championship race.

In the final match of the event 100Thieves made their presence known only during the first map. The match ended with 3:0 score for the favour of Danes. That grabbed them $125,000 and entered them into Intel Grand Slam S3 championship race.

There were no surprises in the map veto for the final match. Astralis removed Mirage and 100T banned Overpass, but many people expected a stronger resistance by the Australian team.

Playing the initial map, Vertigo, 100Thieves had decent chances to win. But their rivals were stronger in the decisive rounds: 14-16. The following maps passed shortly: 16-5 Nuke; 16-3 Train.

So then we can see a clear, 3-0 win for Astralis in the final of IEM Beijing.


Amazing fact: for 5 play-off maps Astralis lost 24 rounds in summary! In the semi-final Astralis left no chances for FaZe Clan, overrun them with 16-0 and 16-2 scores in bo3.

The MVP award of the tournament went to Lucas “gla1ve” Rossander with 1.48 average, rating 2.0 and 95.2 ADR over the event. It’s a career-first MVP award for Lucas.

With that win Astralis begin their IGS3 championship race. They'll join EG, Fnatic and Liquid to fight for the $1,000,000 USD prize pool.

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