CSGO: 7 Werid CSGO Skin Facts

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CSGO: 7 Werid CSGO Skin Facts

There is no arguing that CSGO skins have a vital role in the game. In fact, some people believe that they are one of the big reasons why the game is as big as it is. Sure, CSGO also has a massive esports scene, but not everyone follows it, whereas pretty much everyone has at least a couple of favorite skins.

We’ve covered multiple articles regarding some of the best CSGO skins you can buy for all kinds of weapons. Of course, there are also many new options that become available after every update.

Most of you probably know everything about the CSGO skins. However, this is most likely not the case, so let’s go over a couple of essential things.

There is a P90 skin with a wedding ring inside it


CSGO is home to all sorts of interesting skins, some of which cost tons of money. However, some of them are more interesting than others because of the things they offer. 

Speaking of uniqueness, did you know there was a special P90 skin with a wedding ring in it? The ring became visible when reloading the weapon, which was definitely a unique touch. 

The person behind it shared his story on Reddit and said that his girlfriend didn’t really find the skin interesting at the time. In fact, it took her a while to realize that there was a hidden surprise when reloading it.

We have to point out that this is just a workshop skin, which means you can’t get it in-game. However, this may change in the future because this skin may become highly desirable.

AWP PAW is more special than you think


It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that the AWP in CSGO has some of the best skins in the game. There are all sorts of options, some of which can cost a lot of money, but when it comes down to the one that stands out, we have to give it to AWP PAW.

People who like cats and dogs will adore this skin because of its appearance. With that said, you probably didn’t know that this CSGO skin has a total of 52 different cats and dogs. This is definitely not the most helpful information about CSGO, but it is fantastic to know it nonetheless.

The first-ever CSGO skin

csgo-source 2

Generally speaking, it is complicated to determine which was the oldest CSGO skin in the game. As far as we know, all skins have an ID attached to them, which should give us an overall idea of their game. However, this is not always accurate.

According to some sources, the Nova Walnut skin that became available in early 2013 can be considered the oldest skin in CSGO. That said, others lean more towards the Gut Knife, which also became known around the same time.

With that said, there are sources who claim that the Operation Payback Pass is the first in-game CSGO item. This item became available almost 4 months before the arrival of the skins.

The Huntsman collection has the most CSGO skins


Every update or event in CSGO usually gives us access to all sorts of new skins. Some of them are very interesting and go for a lot of money, whereas others are forgotten a few days after they become available. 

Every collection consists of a different number of skins. Usually, they got around 17, but we’ve seen options with just one skin in them. That said, the largest CSGO collection in terms of skins yet belongs to the Hutsman Weapon Case. The latter used to have 20 skins in total, which is more than the average. Sadly, due to legal issues, Valve had to remove 5 of them, which is why if you get it today, you will only find 15 alternatives.

If we put the Huntsman collection aside, you can get a thing called the Berlin 2019 Minor Challengers Autograph Capsule. What’s interesting about it is that it contains more than 165 stickers. 

There were 2 CSGO skins that could have up to 6 stickers in total


CSGO players that are into skins are also interested in stickers. Those things make the guns even more interesting to look at and allow you to customize the gun to look unique. 

Speaking of skins and stickers, usually, each one allows you to have up to 4 options. This is more than enough for most people, but those who want something even more special can get 2 skins that allow up to 6 stickers.

The first option is for the G3SG1 and is called Hunter, whereas the second option is for the R8 Revolver, and it’s known as Fade. No one knows why these 2 skins have an extra slot, but many people became more interested in them solely because of it.

The most common skin in CSGO


Everyone wants to have the rarest CSGO skins in the game, but the bad news is that this isn’t always possible. In reality, most people end up having tons of standard options that they swap from time to time. 

Speaking of standard CSGO skins, the reward for the most popular one goes to the SSG 08 Blue Spruce. According to some data, there are more than 6.5M skins like that in the game, which is shocking, the say the least.

On average, high-ranked CSGO players have more expensive skins

FURIA players celebrating in ESL Pro League

One of the exciting things you will notice if you check different kinds of CSGO stats is that the average player has around $270 worth of skins. This might seem a lot, but we must remember that some of the more popular options can cost thousands of dollars.

What’s more interesting is that higher-ranked CSGO players usually have more expensive skins than those in the lower ranks. This might seem counter-intuitive, but it makes sense because the higher-ranked players 

CSGO: 7 Werid CSGO Skin Facts
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