CSGO – 6 Mistakes to Avoid Making to Help You Succeed

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CSGO – 6 Mistakes to Avoid Making to Help You Succeed

There are a lot of things you can do to help stop the rot in CSGO. Here's our list of 6 Mistakes to Avoid Making to help you succeed.

CSGO is one of the most complex shooters in the world and one of the biggest eSports. The fact that the game is so popular means that thousands of people play it daily. Many of them know what needs to be done to rank up, but others always make mistakes that often are enough to lose the game.

We know that many people read these guides to improve at CSGO. Therefore, this article will focus on pointing out some common mistakes players can avoid. Some of the things you are about to read may not seem that important, but they definitely have an impact on the end result.

Not paying attention to the in-game economy

One unique thing that makes CSGO stand out from its competitors is the in-game economy. Unlike other shooters, where you get guns for free, or you can simply pick them up from the ground, CSGO requires you to monitor your funds and decide where to allocate them. 

Aside from keeping track of the money you have and what you will get, you have to do the same for your opponents. Knowing when they have enough money to purchase guns can make a massive difference. You can use this to your advantage when deciding what guns to get.

The bad news is that it will take a lot of time before you learn how the CSGO economy works. Most people never learn, but those who spend enough time will eventually get a hold of it. Don’t forget that we have a separate guide for this, where we cover the basics.

Using the Glock more often than you should

There is nothing wrong with using the starting pistols for the T-side. Glock is one of the best options for close-range fights, especially if you use the burst fire. However, the gun is not that good in anything else, which means it is usually not worth using it, even if you are on an eco.

Many people assume they should never buy anything in an eco, not even a better pistol. While it is true that there are some cases where this might help, typically, this is not the case. By getting a better pistol, such as a Deagle, you have some chances of winning because you can land some nasty headshots. Needless to say, doing this with your Glock is easier said than done.

Flashing your opponents 

Some of you may think that this statement is not really needed because everyone knows that they should not flash their teammates. Sadly, many players don’t do that on purpose and often ruin the game for others simply because they do not know how to use their utilities.

Every map has specific when it comes down to using Flashbangs, and you need to learn them before you start playing in ranked games. Not knowing where or when to use this utility will always have a negative impact on your team. You may want to be the team’s AWPer, but there will be times when you have to be the entry fragger, so you need to know how to use this item. Going in without having a Flashbang will usually result in a quick death.

Over eco hunting

One of the most satisfying things in CSGO is to kill targets that are on an eco. There is just something special in the fact that you get free cash and kills just because you’ve won the previous round and have a better weapon.

Although killing as many people as possible is always a plus, many people make the mistake of playing overly confident. Hence, they often die and give the enemy team a free gun that they can use to win the round. Even if the opponents don’t win, they can use the weapon to kill more people on your team, which is never a good thing.

In order to avoid finding yourself in such a situation, you should always be cautious and respect your opponents, even if they don’t have any weapons. Be careful and try to communicate with your teammates, so you know whether you can push.

Buying an AWP when there is no need for one

Most people who play CSGO love using the AWP because this is one of the unique weapons in the game. Having the ability to kill a target with a single shot is oddly satisfying and one of the big reasons why every professional team has at least one AWP player.

Although this weapon is mighty and can make a real difference, there are situations where it is better to skip it. Some maps are better for AWP players than others, which is why you should be careful when you decide to go for this weapon.

The main problem when going for an AWP is the weapon’s prize. The fact it is significantly more expensive than everything else has an impact on the given team’s economy, especially on the CT side. Nothing is worse than spending more than $6000 on this weapon and armor just so you can die by a random headshot.


The last thing we’d like to include in this article is flaming. This is not directly related to the game itself, but it is something that always has a negative effect on other people.

Although you may not like someone or think you are better than him, you shouldn’t insult or tilt him. Doing this might bring you temporary satisfaction, but it will always have a negative effect on the team and your results. In the end, you will most likely lose simply because the given player will decide to ruin the fun.

Thankfully, CSGO offers a couple of options that might help you avoid finding yourself in such situations. For example, you can mute a given player, which means you won’t hear him when he flames.

CSGO – 6 Mistakes to Avoid Making to Help You Succeed
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