CSGO: 5 Things You Should do Every Round

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CSGO: 5 Things You Should do Every Round

There are many reasons why CSGO is one of the most popular shooters in the world. The game is hard to master and offers loads of things that you won’t find anywhere else. One of them is a ranking system that some players want to conquer by achieving the highest possible rank.

As you can probably guess, doing this is not easy because most people play with players that don’t know. Hence, they often have to carry them in order to win the matches.

Speaking of carrying, some of the best CSGO players in the world do a couple of things every round that allows them to be more successful than the rest. We know that most of you want to learn more about them, so let’s check what you need to know.

Plan what you will do for the given round

The first thing might seem obvious, but many people don’t do it, even if they play in higher ranks. Having an idea of what you need to do in the particular round is extremely important, no matter if you are on the T or CT side. Having a plan already makes you a better player than the rest because you have a specific goal.

Of course, coming up with a plan for the given round is not easy because you have to consider all sorts of things. One of them is your teammates and what they want to do. Since you are most likely playing with random people, they might not be on the same page as you, so try talking to them and letting them know what you want to do.

Once you come up with the concept, you know exactly what to do, which definitely increases your chances of winning the given round.

Use the standard map utilities

The second thing that good players do when they have to play matchmaking uses the standard map utilities. This is especially true for Smokes because everyone knows that there are specific locations on the map where players have to use those things.

While it is true that the standard utilities may not always have a drastic impact in the given round, they will definitely help. Blocking your opponent’s LoS and flashing them when they don’t expect it will increase your chance of winning.

If you are not familiar with the standard map utilities, take a look at some of the many online videos where you can learn more about them. 

Learn how to position yourself properly

The following essential thing related to CSGO is positioning. If you want to become a successful player, you need to know how to position yourself in every situation, no matter if you are on the T or CT side. People who have no clue what to do often die fast and do not have any impact in the given round.

We can’t explain everything about how to position because there are too many things to cover. With that said, you need to pay attention to all sorts of things in order to succeed, such as how much time you have left, how many people are there, and so on.

One of the things that will allow you to have a better position is communicating with your teammates. This sounds easy, but it usually isn’t the case because not everyone has a mic. Some players do not want to communicate on purpose, so it may be hard to rely on them when needed.

Another thing to keep in mind about your positioning is that you need to be unpredictable and adapt to the situation. This means that you should try to move around as soon as you get a kill. Doing this means that the information your opponents will have for you won’t be helpful anymore because you won’t stay in the same position.

Help your teammates even if they don’t appreciate it

Whether we like it or not, CSGO is a team-based game, so you must work alongside other players to win. Sadly, not all of them know what they’re doing, so it may be up to you to set them up for success. This means that you can try to support them even if they do not appreciate it.

Supporting in CSGO can be achieved in a couple of ways. For example, some people drop guns, but when playing ranked games, it is probably better to use your utilities to make your team more effective. In other words, throw the needed flashes and smokes before they push so that they can land at least a couple of kills.

Do not rotate if you don’t need to

Although some people may think this should be in the positioning category, it is essential, so we’ve decided to highlight it separately. Rotating is a powerful tool in CSGO that can help your team a lot. No matter if you are on the T or CT side, this thing will allow you to win rounds, as long as you do it right.

The sad part is that not everyone knows how to do it. Most people have no clue how to rotate or when to do it. As a result, they often make unnecessary changes that have a negative effect instead of helping. For example, CT players can sometimes leave their current bombsite and go to the other one without having to do that. 

Rotating can also be a problem for Terrorists. If your team is pushing B, it is often not a good idea to go A because your team won’t be able to secure the bomb site. 

CSGO: 5 Things You Should do Every Round
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