CS:GO: 5 Things Players Should Never Forget About Gameplay

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CS:GO: 5 Things Players Should Never Forget About Gameplay

We take a look at 5 gameplay elements players should never forget when they're starting up a game of CS:GO.

If you're interested in esports and like shooters, you will inevitably come across CS:GO. The latter has become the preferred option for players from all over the world. Thanks to the game’s dynamic gameplay and the fact that CS is a legendary game name, thousands of people play it daily.

Many of them have several years of experience under their belts and know what to expect before and while playing. However, you can also find a lot of younger players who never had the chance to experience CS’s different versions. Needless to say, they do not have the experience and definitely didn’t have the problems of old-school players.

Although some of the things you are about to see are not as big now as they were a couple of years ago, they have a role for every CS:GO player. If you are among them, here is what you need to take into consideration.

Check your internet connection and use the net_graph 3 console command

One of the worst things that some of us had to go through while playing CS 1.6 and the game’s other versions were related to our internet. Sadly, the connection a couple of years ago was nowhere as good or fast as the one most of us have access to today. The internet was slow and disconnected randomly, which was a huge problem.

Although people who played Dota and LoL could reconnect (at least in some instances), this was not the case in CS. Once you got DCed, you had to join the server again, which meant you’d lost all of your KDA and accumulated cash.

Nowadays, things are definitely better, but some players always keep an eye on this thing before they start playing. One of the options that CS:GO players have been using for many years is the console command called “net_graph 3”. Once used, this will show some things, such as ping, loss, etc., all of which important and related to your connection. Needless to say, this thing will also reveal your FPS.

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Tilting their teammates

The second thing that many players forget about once they start playing CS:GO is not to tilt their teammates. Although this is not a problem for those who want to play for fun, players who focus on matchmaking will definitely have problems in the long run.

Whether we like our teammates or not, we need to play alongside them for the game’s duration. This means our job is to get along and try to win the match so we can move to the next one.

The bad news is that many players fail to stay calm while playing and often start grieving. Some go several steps further and even ruin the game by throwing random Flashes, dropping the bomb in awkward spots, and so on. Needless to say, all those things have a very bad effect on others, which will also reflect on you.

Tilting your team might sound fun, but it is a guaranteed way to lose your matchmaking game. If ranks are important to you and you don’t want to be “that guy”, simply mute your team and focus on your own gameplay. Doing this should increase your win rate.

Using the wrong resolution

Resolution plays a key role when playing, regardless of what game you like. With that being said, this thing is extremely important for games like CS:GO, especially if you are a competitive player.

Old-school CS 1.6 fans remember that most people used the lowest possible resolution because this allowed them to play better. Having lower res has a negative impact on the game’s quality, but it makes hitting your targets much easier. This is enough for most people to choose the lower res.

The bad thing is that many players do not think of this before they start playing and always choose the highest resolution possible. Although this will allow them to have a higher quality image, it will probably have a negative effect on their gameplay. After all, there is a reason why some of the game’s biggest stars, like s1mple, continue to use lower res.

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Not using optimal mouse settings

Having good gaming gear can make a massive difference when playing CS:GO. No matter what’s your position or whether you play for fun or with friends, you should always try to use the optimal settings, especially for your mouse. Sadly, many players forget about this and fail to show everything they’re capable of.

Speaking of using the correct mouse settings, everyone has different preferences. The idea here is to remember to change things like your polling rate, DPI, sens, and all other things that will have a role while playing. Those things have a key role in every position in CS:GO, especially for those who want to use an AWP.

Using CS:GO skins that make them play better

As you know, the skins in CS:GO are cosmetic items that only change a given weapon’s appearance. They do not have any other benefits, such as providing more damage, extra movement speed, better aim, or all sorts of other things. Despite that, there are skins that cost thousands of dollars, and people buy them because they look cool.

Although the skins do not directly impact your gameplay, some people play way better when they use a certain option. For example, AWP players are often more accurate and way more effective when they have their favorite skin on. The same applies to players using other popular weapons.

Having access to your best skin will definitely improve your gameplay, even if you might think otherwise. That’s why many players test at least a couple of options before they decide what to use while playing.

Speaking of CS:GO skins, there are tons of options and every new update includes at least a few variations. Some people are even interested in CS:GO betting with skins because there are places that offer such things. Nevertheless, it seems like most bettors prefer the usual options, judging by the number of CS:GO betting sites.

CS:GO: 5 Things Players Should Never Forget About Gameplay
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