CSGO: 5 Questions BLAST Pro Series Moscow Can Answer

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CSGO: 5 Questions BLAST Pro Series Moscow Can Answer

ESTNN's Slava Britvin walks fans through the top five questions that BLAST Pro Series Moscow can answer.

Only a few days have passed since the end of StarLadder Berlin Major, but CS:GO is already back! BLAST Pro Series Moscow is the first LAN event of the new season, and it might bring fans a few surprises as well a sneak peek of what fans should expect from top teams this fall.

Can Na`Vi win their last event with Zeus?

5 Questions BLAST Moscow can Answer Zeus Na`Vi

Natus Vincere underperformed at the recent Major in Berlin. From what we heard, Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko had planned to retire at the end of 2019, but decided to do it after the Major. This is a home tournament for Natus Vincere, and all the tickets for the Na`Vi fan areas are sold.

Na`Vi should be extremely motivated at BLAST Moscow: Zeus' retirement, kane's departure and mad CIS fans. The most important thing is that most of the participants have deeper problems than Na`Vi does.

If it happens, it would be a great end to Zeus’ career.

Will Avangar keep improving or the run was a fluke?

There are two possible options for AVANGAR at BLAST Pro Series Moscow. Either the successful run of AVANGAR in Berlin provided them a big blast of confidence and a morale boost combined with the incredible form from the players or is the recession of the Kazakhs. They could be extremely tired psychologically (as well physically) after the Berlin Major. The squad put all of their powers into that run, and they reached something they couldn’t imagine before the start of the Major (let’s be honest, the couple of months before the Major were terrible for AVANGAR). They might need to take a rest, or maybe they still can’t believe they did it.

We will understand if they don't drop a big performance in Moscow, but the question is, “will it be a short-time recession or will AVANGAR go the way of Gambit Esports?”

Will MIBR change something in their game?

5 Questions BLAST Moscow Can Answer CSGO MIBR

They tried boltz. The young Brazillian didn’t work out for the team, even if we still can’t see any in-game reason for his kicking – he was doing his job decently. They tried to make the international roster with Stewie2k and tarik, but couldn’t find a way to properly communicate. It didn’t work out.

They tried to bring back felps and it didn’t work out. They tried YNk as a coach, and now they have zews. Still no success.

And now MIBR will try kNgV- as their fifth player. Anyone who read the above paragraph can see where this is going.

Maybe one day the Brazilians will realize that the problem is not who they have on the roster, but in their heads and inside the game.

Made in Brazil have a ton to work on:

  • They have to change their game and their defaults
  • They have to work on patience and psychology
  • Zews and FalleN should create a strict structure of rounds

Without those things, MIBR probably will never win another large tournament in the current scene. Our advice? Look deeper instead of infinite replacements. This is what brings success.

What should we expect from ENCE with Sunny?

5 Questions BLAST Moscow Can Answer Sunny

Aleksib left. In reality, all this move means is that allu is now ENCE's captain. This is a pretty interesting choice, simply because Allu is the team's main AWPer. This change could affect allu's focus, and a split-second glance at the map is something that AWPer's dread, but how often do you have to look if you're IGL'ing?

Secondly, how would ENCE play now? We predict that fans should expect slow and calm play with absence of fast executes and overextending aggression at the early timings. Will it make ENCEmore boring? Surely.

Will it bring the results? Only time will tell.

Is there any hope for NiP?

Regardless of what he says publically, GeT_RighT should leave the team soon. Plopski still has problems adapting to NiP's style, and f0rest was the worst player of the Berlin Major individually. NiP is under fire as an organisation and players might also feel the pressure.

But their tag is known, and their players are experienced and famous. The community expect a decent performance and higher results, but seems like NiP can’t improve. They had a stable period in the middle-late of 2018, but if they can't get it done here, are there more retirements on the horizon?

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