CS2 XP Overload: Thour Reveals Latest Findings After A Call To Arms Update

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CS2 XP Overload: Thour Reveals Latest Findings After A Call To Arms Update

A Call to Arms has introduced CS2 XP Overload, and dataminer Thour has found out some additional information about it

Thour, the famous CS2 data miner, has shared his fresh discoveries from analyzing Counter-Strike 2 files after the A Call to Arms Update. On his X post, Thour revealed that the CS2 XP Overload status will feature seven tiers, similar to what's seen in Premier Mode. As per Thour’s findings, just like the player ranks in Premier Mode, each tier in the new system will have a dedicated color.

He uncovered a hidden layer in the XP Overload system: the XP Overload status color dynamically changes based on how long a player holds onto the maximum XP gain. This suggests Valve might be implementing a ranking system based on accumulated CS2 playtime, rewarding dedicated players with visually distinct tiers.

CS2 XP Overload Explained: What Is XP Overload in CS2?

CS2 XP Overload: Thour Reveals Latest Findings After A Call To Arms Update

Credit: Thour on X, Valve

The CS2 XP Overload System is the latest reward system brought to the game by the A Call to Arms update. It's awarded to players who've maxed out their weekly XP and gained fewer points afterward. The XP Overload icon will appear next to players, indicating that they have reached their weekly XP limit. When does XP Overload happen in CS2? A player will hit XP Overload by reaching 11,166 XP. Beyond that point, the XP gains will be significantly lower for each game. Here’s what Valve officially says about it:

“When you have earned all of the normal weekly XP and have entered reduced XP gain, you’ll get something to show for it — an XP Overload icon will appear next to your name in your profile, the scoreboard, and kill-feed — and you’ll have at least one week to show it off. For every week you keep your XP-earning streak alive, your XP Overload icon will upgrade.”

The XP Overload icon was removed from the kill feed afterward, however. This decision was made in response to severe online backlash, with many users describing it as meaningless clutter on the UI. The icon has not been entirely removed from the game, so you can expect to see it pop up elsewhere.

The XP Overload status remains active for a minimum of one week and can be renewed each week. That means, players have the chance to hold on to the badge for months if they put in the effort.

How to Reach the CS2 XP Overload Fast?

For a quick way to hit the weekly XP limit in CS2, prioritize playing Premier or Competitive matches. Generally, participating in two to three Premier matches a week with the multiplier activated should complete your weekly reward and grant you the XP Overload status.

Any CS2 official mode allows you to accumulate XP. Therefore, if you enjoy Casual, Deathmatch, or the returning Arms Race, you'll still make progress in earning XP weekly. There is a downside, however! It will be at a slower rate than Premier or Competitive players.

CS2 XP Overload: Thour Reveals Latest Findings After A Call To Arms Update
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