CS2 Vertigo Tips and Tricks To Win Your Games

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CS2 Vertigo Tips and Tricks To Win Your Games

Let’s see a couple of CS2 Vertigo tips and tricks that to win your games. Learn more about how to play on this map.

CS2 is a new game that became available a month ago, but it has a lot of similarities to some of the previous games from the franchise. That said, some maps have become a lot more popular than before, and one of them is CS2 Vertigo. Since I have been playing CS for more than 15 years, I am well aware that this map has lot of tips and tricks, which is why I would like to share them with you.

Considering Vertigo is a popular map, people want to know some CS2 Vertigo tips and tricks so they can win their games faster. Some of you may be aware of the things you are about to see, but they will be new for others, so let’s dive in.

Winning the B Side as a CT

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Vertigo is a unique map in many ways, one of which is because of its bombsites. Both are really interested, but B is usually where the action unfolds, which means you need to know how to win it. Fortunately, this CS2 Vertigo Tips and Tricks guide will help you do that.

The first thing that is important to know about CS2 Vertigo is related to throwing really good smoke near the generator. Normally, people go to the double box below the bombsite and throw smoke that lands on one side. This is not a bad call, but you need to realize that it will not cover both sides, meaning you can get “ganked” by the enemies from the other side.

The good news is that this CS2 Vertigo Tips and Tricks guide has you covered because you can throw smoke in front of the generator. Due to the new mechanics of the smokes in CS2 and the way they work, you can cover both sides, meaning your enemies will have a much harder time going through it. Of course, there are some areas where they will be able to see for a bit, but they shouldn’t be enough for them to do something. In order to deal with this, you can also throw a flashbang and it will catch your opponents off guard. 

Taking over the B side as a T

When discussing CS2 Vertigo Tips and Tricks, another important thing to share is what you need to do when you are on the T side. It may seem complicated to win this bomb site as a T, but there are a lot of things you can do to catch your opponents off guard. One of them is to throw two smokes that land on the generator. This, combined with a tell-timed Molotov makes the life of any CT on Vertigo a living hell.

Learn more about all Nades

There is no point in going over all of the CS2 Vertigo nades in this article because there are tons of detailed video guides about them. Learning more information about the Nades and how to use them can make a big difference, so definitely go through everything. Once you know some of the basic smokes and Flashes, you will catch your opponents off guard, especially if you are in the lower CS2 ranks.

CS2 Vertigo Tips and Tricks To Win Your Games
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