CS2 Update Today – Changes Aliases Binds & More

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CS2 Update Today – Changes Aliases Binds & More

Let’s learn more about the CS2 update today that addressed the usage of alias binds to override the new subtick system. Learn how it works.

Even though Counter-Strike 2 is a game that became available a few weeks ago, Valve released tons of new updates. The CS2 update today is the latest one to the pile, but it is an important one because it is related to the command aliases. The command aliases now leverage subtick accuracy, and the new update also adds a few bug fixes. Moreover, players now have a new sound when there are 10 seconds left until the bomb explodes, which should allow them to be more aware of their surroundings.

CS2 Update Today

As mentioned, one of the highlights of the new CS2 update is that the command allies now leverage subtick accuracy. This is probably not a surprise because players have been using those types of aliases to override the subtick. The idea here is that these command aliases allow them to have better jump-throw and movement, similar to how it was in CS:GO. These aliases are important for everyone, but professional players seem to suffer the most because the jump height is inconsistent. In other words, they are missing out on grenades that they should be able to land.

Keep in mind that ESL did not allow players to use the aliases whose goal was to replicate the CS:GO movement. However, the organizers allowed players to use the jump-throw aliases

What else does the CS2 update today offer?

Besides the command aliases now leverage subtick accuracy update, the latest additions to CS2 include the following:

  • The new 10s bomb beeping sound
  • Added the missing KSK Agent voice
  • The fall of the distance of knife impact and swish sounds has been reduced
  • Changes regarding doorstep clarity and occlusion filters
  • A bug where players could now swap to a gun dropped near the defused bomb has been fixed
  • Fixed bugs where players could peek through ceilings
  • Various other fixes

Make sure to follow IEM Sydney 2023 because CS2's first big tournament is on.

CS2 Update Today – Changes Aliases Binds & More
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