CS2 Tips To Help You Have More Fun

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CS2 Tips To Help You Have More Fun

Here are some of the CS2 tips you need to be aware of before you start playing Counter-Strike 2.

CS 2 is finally available after waiting for a lot of time, so it’s no surprise that a lot of people are playing. We’ve already learned about the CS2 platforms that you can use the game on, which is why this article will focus on several important Tips and Tricks that will allow you to make the most of it.

When talking about CS2 tips, there are tons of different things that people need to be aware of before they start playing. We expect the first big CS2 tournaments to begin soon, so until then, here are a couple of things you need to be aware of.

Taking advantage of the new Smoke

We won’t go into detail about the new smoke in CS2 because it is completely different from before, and we’ve already talked a lot about it. One of the things that most players are aware of is that they can use grenades on it and check what’s happening behind the smoke for a brief moment. This is highly effective, and we’ve seen players using it a lot.

However, what some people are not aware of is that they can also use the bullets of their weapons for the same thing. The big difference is that the only way to take advantage of it is if you are shooting from the sides, not in the middle. Since Counter-Strike 2 is a lot more realistic, shooting in the middle of the smoke will not allow you to see anything because it is too thick. 

When it comes down to CS2 tips, most people aren’t aware that they can see through the smoke when shooting from either side, so use this to your advantage once you start playing. Depending on the weapon, you may also be able to see if you are shooting in the middle, but it depends on the situation. 

It goes without saying, but CS2 also allows you to practice how you throw your grenades. Thanks to the options in the menu, you can practice all of your grenades before you start playing. The so-called “Jump Throws”  are also easier than before, and Valve even added a special sound that will notify you when you’ve made a good jump.


When it comes down to Counter-Strike 2 tips, one of the key things that you need to learn is how to peek properly. Even though the new game looks a lot like CSGO, there are some substantial differences, one of which is the movement mechanics. 

There are a couple of important CS2 tips regarding peeking, one of which is that you should be careful when you are coming out of an angle. Depending on where your enemy is staying, you may be in a situation where you are close to an angle, and you do not see anything, but the enemy will be able to see you. This is extremely important to understand because you could become an easy kill.

Some of the Counter-Strike 2 tips you can use in such a situation is to try and peek “faster” because this will move you away from your enemy’s PoV. In other words, instead of moving slowly away from the angle, try to do it faster, and your enemy will need to peek to see you. This gives you an instant advantage because you can now see him before he sees you.

The idea when peeking in is to be closer to the wall that is in front of you than the one behind (if it is available). Although it may seem like it is the same, in reality, peeking when you are closer to the wall in front of you is much faster, and your enemies will not be able to react that fast. This is great against AWPers, especially if you know that they are prone to miss their shots.

Beware of the new Audio radius

Audio has always been one of the most important aspects of Counter-Strike, and CS2 is not an exception. There are many debates as to whether the sound changes are good, but there is no arguing that one thing is better than before – the new Audio radius. However, since a lot of people forget about it, we’ve decided to include it in this CS2 tips article.

If you look at your radar while running, you can see a circle that shows where players can hear you from. This is incredibly useful for people new to the game because a lot of them have problems deciding whether they should run or walk.

You will probably need some time getting used to it, but once that happens, you can use it to your advantage. 


The fact that Counter-Strike 2 uses a new and improved engine means one thing – graphics are better than ever before. Even though this is good news for most players, there are some new things to be aware of – shadows. If you or your enemy is using the highest settings, you will be able to see the players’  shadows on the ground. This is not that big of a deal, but depending on the angle and situation, there might be instances where enemies can see your shadow when you are waiting behind the corner, even if you haven’t peeked yet. As you can imagine, this is incredibly strong because you or your opponents will notice the target much easier.



When it comes down to CS2 crosshairs, we already have a separate article about the CS2 crosshair codes that some people are using. With that said, you can do many things to customize it and make it better. One of the more interesting options will allow your crosshair to follow the recoil pattern. Since this is a Counter-Strike 2 tips article, we’ve decided to point out out because not everyone might be familiar with the option.

CS2 Tips To Help You Have More Fun
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