CS2 Pro Player Banned For Matchfixing From ESIC

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CS2 Pro Player Banned For Matchfixing From ESIC

The most recent news about banned CS2 pro players for matching fixing is disturbing, but here is what you should know.

Match Fixing is a huge problem in eSports, and it affects all of the popular games. Besides the recent Dota 2 accusations around Taiga from OG, it seems a professional CS2 player was also involved in such an accident. 

According to the news we have, the Esports Integrity Commission (known as ESIC) banned Erkhan “gokushima” Bogynanov because he was part of a match-fixing scandal. Here is what you need to know

CS2 Pro Player Banned

The 23-year-old player was involved in match-fixing, which resulted in ESIC taking action against him. Based on what we know, the player won’t be able to take part in ESIC events for the next 2 years.

Although some of you think that this is not that important, we need to remind you that events organized by BLAST and ESL also fall into this category. Needless to say, these two are some of the biggest and most prestigious event organizers.

What we’ve learned is that the Russian CS2 pro player was banned in late March. However, ESIC announced its decision on April 11. Gokushima is currently a part of FORZE’s team, but considering the most recent events, it’s no surprise that he will no longer be a part of it.

More information about the ban

The news that a CS2 pro players was banned for match-fixing from ESIC spread like wildfire. ESIC did not say why they’ve decided to make this decision, but other sources revealed more information. According to them, gokushima broke several rules that he had to adhere to, including ESIC’s anti-corruption code.

As for the CS2 player himself, gokushima is 23-year-old professional from Russia. Even though he has been a part of the professional scene for many years, he became popular following the arrival of CS2 by becoming one of the highest-ranked players.

Fast forward, gokushima signed a contract with FORZE in late October 2023, and he had a key role in the team’s success in the Skyesports Masters 2024. Sadly, he won’t be able to help his squad at the event itself because of the CS2 pro ban. 

It will be interesting to see what will happen with the player and whether he will be around two years from now. One thing is certain – CS2 professionals must be very careful because match-fixing is not allowed.

CS2 Pro Player Banned For Matchfixing From ESIC
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