CS2 Predictions Today: Who Will Win the Biggest Events in 2023?

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CS2 Predictions Today: Who Will Win the Biggest Events in 2023?

All the CS2 predictions you need for today's matches and every big tournament in 2023.

Latest CS2 predictions

Valve’s long-standing hit CS2, the game that transformed esports as we know it, is a game people absolutely love to bet on. The game will no doubt go down in legend as a seminal First-Person Shooter, and with Valve announcing that the BLAST.tv Paris Major will be the final Major for the game before CS2 takes over, CS2 betting will increase significantly in the foreseeable future. With so many opportunities up for grabs with some accurate CS2 predictions, here are our pre-emptive picks of the winners of every big CS2 event this year.

BLAST.tv Paris Major Results 

The only Major of 2023 and the last CS2 Major ever has come and gone. There were a number of top contenders for the top prize, such as Natus Vincere, FaZe Clan, G2 Esports and Heroic, but after several weeks of action it was French powerhouse Team Vitality taking on German underdogs GamerLegion in the Grand Final. The former triumphed with ease, winning comfortably on consecutive maps to make an indelible mark in the history of this incredible game.

Who Will Take Home the BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2023 Trophy?

The BLAST Premier Spring Final is a relatively short tournament between 6 teams from the BLAST Premier Spring Groups and two from the EU and Americas Spring Showdowns. The showdown is yet to happen, but we can already state that of the six teams to have already qualified, FaZe Clan, Heroic, Na’ Vi and G2 have the best chance of winning the event. Astralis is arguably the weakest side at the tournament so far, while Vitality look far from a solid team at the moment.

Which Team Will Win IEM Cologne?

The first non-Major tournament in 2023 to feature a prize pool of a million dollars, IEM Cologne is taking place in a city that’s legendary for its CS2 tournaments — to the point where it’s known as the Cathedral of Counter-Strike. Only one team, G2, has already been confirmed for the tournament, so there’s still a long way to go until the tournament. However, unless the CS2 landscape changes drastically in the next few months, it should be a team from a list of the usual suspects Heroic, G2, Na’ Vi, FaZe, Cloud9, Vitality or Liquid.

CS2 ESL Pro League Season 17 Recap

This year’s first ESL Pro League was a long and crazy tournament. There were countless upsets in the Group Stages, which had a new and very interesting format, and some big names were knocked out prematurely therein, which made the tournament a nightmare for those making CS2 predictions. Meanwhile, some strong, established teams and a few lesser-known rising sides made it to the knockout round.

Among those who made it to the 5-stage Playoffs, there was only one team that started at the bottom but made it to the Semifinals, with Natus Vincere achieving the feat before being beaten by FaZe Clan. On the other hand, underdogs ENCE upstaged tournament favorites G2 esports and last season’s champions Team Vitality to make it to the final. Cloud9 began their journey in the Quarterfinals courtesy of their excellent performance in the Group Stage, and proceeded to shatter ENCE’s dreams and book their own slot in the very last match. 

FaZe Become 2nd In Global Rankings Following ESL Pro League Triumph CSGO predictions 2023

The Grand Final of the much-coveted ESL Pro League Season 17 was all set to be a firecracker between finalists Cloud9 and FaZe Clan. FaZe took the first two maps with relative ease before Cloud9 was able to deal a blow back, but the former breezed through the last game to take the Best of 5 final 3 games to 1, sealing the million-dollar Intel Grand Slam prize along with their ESL Pro League winnings. 

CS2 Betting Tips: Get informed predictions on Counter Strike

If you love CS2, which you probably do if you’re this deep into this article, you probably know that you can bet on pro matches. Don’t go in blind, though. Instead, follow our expert tips to get the best CS2 predictions.

Research Teams and Players 

You can’t just make a wager based on whether you’ve heard the name of a team or not, or even if you know their global ranking or not. Always make sure to research every aspect you can about a team before making a bet based on your CS2 predictions. This includes player ratings, recent player ratings, team ratings, what maps they’re good on, whether they have a crowd advantage, etc.

Check Roster and Other News Updates 

As with any sport, a team unit is often more than the sum of its parts. As a result, any changes can impact a team in good ways and bad, and you need to take stock of both. Remember to check team lineups before events, and make sure to make adjustments to your CS2 predictions if there are last-minute changes to the team. 

Check Head-to-Head Records 

Regardless of how good some teams are, they can have bogey teams that end up beating them despite not being as good against other teams. Be sure to look up how a team has historically done against another team before committing to a bet.

Read or Watch Multiple Prediction Articles/Videos 

Experts usually go through all the data you could access and some more you might not think of, so it’s always a good idea to look up some Counter Strike predictions and analyze them before putting money on the line. As a result, watching prediction videos or reading prediction articles can often give you insight into a match. However, make sure you watch or read more than just one, as at the end of the day, predictions are only partly based in fact, with the rest being just a hunch.

Watch Highlights and Read Match or Tournament Analyses 

Few things tell you more about a team, its players or a match they played quite like watching it live, but since that’s not always possible due to time zones and just a lack of time overall, make sure to watch the highlights to get all the meat of the matches without the bones. Additionally, watch when experts break down matches or entire tournaments as it’ll help you understand the game better, streamlining your CS2 betting predictions.

More CS2 and Esports Betting Tips

Here are some more general tips about CS2 betting that can help you stay in the black when betting.

Find Reliable, Reputed Betting Sites

There are tons of scam bookmaker sites out there, so make sure you pick one that has a decent reputation and a public presence, and isn’t in some shadowy corner of the internet. 

The roster for NAVI hold up the Blast Premier trophy in celebration after winning the Fall Finals

Copyright: BLAST 

Find the Best Odds 

Odds can make the difference between earning a little and a lot, so be sure to go through several sites before settling on one that gives you the best odds. Remember, the better the odds, the more money you can earn from your CS2 predictions.

Make the Best of Offers

Sportsbooks often provide a wide variety of attractive offers that can enhance what you make from your bets. These include free bets, multipliers, and conditional offers. Keep an eye out for when these are available and make sure to take every single opportunity to increase your earnings, but also make sure to read the fine print because some offers can have difficult or outright ridiculous conditions attached to them.

IEM Katowice trophy on the stage.

Don’t Bet Everything You Have 

This is perhaps the single most important rule in betting. Never ever empty out your hand because there’s a very big chance that you might regret it. Betting with real money has very real consequences, and you should put safety before greed. It might even be a good idea to set yourself daily, weekly or monthly limits on how much you’ll invest in betting.

Stagger out Your Bets 

One great way to minimize losses is to put money on multiple events at the same time. This way, even if you lose one bet you can make up for at least some of it in another way. Some punters even bet on two opposing teams for the same match in order to make sure they win something either way. 

CSGO Mirage mid connector nest underpass earlygame csgo predictions


Here are some common questions people who are betting on CS2 ask regarding the game, along with their answers.

What Are the Best CS2 Teams? 

The best CS2 teams change over time as their rosters change and strategies fall off, but at the time of writing, G2 Esports is at the top of the rankings. They are followed by Heroic, FaZe Clan, Team Liquid, Outsiders, Natus Vincere, Team Vitality, and MOUZ. 

Which Is the Best CS2 Team of All Time?

Although some people may debate the truth of this, the best CS2 team of all time in terms of results is undoubtedly Astralis, with Fnatic coming in second. 

What Are the Biggest CS2 Tournaments? 

CS2 Majors are usually the biggest tournaments with prize pools of a million dollars or more, but there are other competitions that are almost as big, with ESL Pro League featuring a pot of $850,000. 

What Is the Highest CS2 Major Prize Money? 

The CS2 Major with the highest ever prize money was the $2 million PGL Stockholm Major, which was won by Na’ Vi.

What Are the Official CS2 Tournament Maps? 

The 7-map Active Duty pool changes almost every year, but the competitive maps at the time of writing are Mirage, Inferno, Overpass, Nuke, Vertigo, Ancient and Anubis.

How Are Maps Chosen for a CS2 Match?

The map veto starts with each team banning a map from the 7-map pool, and then proceeding to choose one. Two further maps are then banned, and the only one left becomes the decider.

Where Can I Bet on CS2? 

There is a wide variety of betting sites that allow CS2 betting. Search for the best ones, but be sure to do research on even those and learn about betting before risking your money.

CS2 Predictions Today: Who Will Win the Biggest Events in 2023?
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