Cs2 New Bob Command Explained – How To Change It & What Else Is New

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Cs2 New Bob Command Explained – How To Change It & What Else Is New

The most recent CS2 update addressed a lot of issues that people had. There’s even a CS2 new bob command, so let’s learn more about it.

After people had been complaining about CS2 cl_bob for a while, Valve finally addressed the issue. Even though it’s not exactly what people thought they’d get, following the update, you can actually use the CS2 new bob command.

For those of you who do not know, cs2 cl bob is a command that is related to the movement animation in the first-person view. In other words, once you start moving (regardless of the direction), your hands and weapon will imitate the movement you do as if you are walking.

Although it sounds interesting, most players prefer not to use the cs2 cl_bob command at all. In fact, they even disabled the option when it was available in CS:GO. The bad news is that this was not possible in Valve’s latest game because the CS2 cl bob command was not available, at least until now.

Following the update, we have access to a new type of bob animation in CS2. However, it is slightly different from before, so let’s see what you get.

CS2 new bob command

When talking about the new cl_bob in CS2, the important thing to remember is that you can turn it off in the console. To do that, simply open your console and use “cl_usenewbob 0”. After inputting it, you will basically have access to the same bob animation as in CS:GO. While this is a plus, we are yet to find a way to disable the new bob CS2 completely. We have tried using several different commands, but none have worked.

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Scope Update

Besides the CS2 new bob command, the game received a few other big changes that are worth mentioning. The first one is related to scopes and the fact that the devs decided to “adjust visual treatment”. While this makes the zoom a bit weird, we believe that it is for the better.

Net_graph is here

When it comes down to the CS2 FPS, one of the console commands that people really wanted to have access to is net_graph. After waiting for a few months, Valve finally decided to add new net_graph settings inside the settings menu. To access them, open settings, followed by Game and Telemetry and you will find the following:

  • Show frame time and FPS
  • Show Ping
  • Show Packet loss/misdelivery 

Once you enable these CS2 settings, you will see all of the information in the top-right corner of your screen. We’ve tried out the new settings, and we believe they work well.

Map Changes

Regarding the CS2 map changes, the update adds a couple of intriguing options. Starting with Vertigo, the grenade clipping issue around the AC unit at B-site is finally fixed. The issue where Ts could throw the bomb into an unreachable area has also been fixed.

Regarding Nuke, the clipping issue around Vents entrance is adjusted. Also, the collision of sliding door meshes at Ramp are improved.

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Anubis gets some of the most intriguing changes tet because there’s a new ladder near the T spawn boost points. Also, Valve finally addressed the issue of where we could throw the bomb into places that were off the map.

Lastly, we have Overapss, and here, there have been disappearing mesh fixes and clipping improvements.

Gameplay Changes

When it comes down to the gameplay changes in CS2, the CS2 new bob command was just the beginning. Valve decided to change some things about Zeus. You can now buy the weapon each life while playing Deathmatch. Also, if you get a 2nd kill with this weapon in Deathmatch, you will receive double points. 

Other changes

There are a few other important CS2 changes you must be aware of, starting with the report tool. What we found while browsing Reddit is that you can’t report a given player for more than one reason. In other words, you have to choose only one of the available options.

Another interesting new thing to CS2 is that Valve finally addressed the throw-strength issue using grenades. Following the update, 50% throw-strength grenades are guaranteed if both attack buttons are held long enough and then released shortly after one another. 

There are also different bug fixes, such as those related to the inability to clear a button binding in game settings and more.

Cs2 New Bob Command Explained – How To Change It & What Else Is New
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