CS2 Beta Season Player Count Surpasses Major Milestone

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CS2 Beta Season Player Count Surpasses Major Milestone

A prominent data-miner has revealed that the CS2 Beta Season has hit a significant player count landmark

Aquarius, a famous Counter-Strike data-miner, recently took to Twitter to share some intriguing statistics regarding the Counter-Strike 2 Beta Season. In the aftermath of the global invitation rollout, which spanned nearly three weeks, it was nothing short of astonishing to discover that a staggering one million players had successfully taken part in the CS2 Beta of Premier Mode by winning a minimum of 10 matches.

CS2 Beta Season Player Count: Global Distrubution

Furthermore, Aquarius has provided a breakdown of player distribution by geographic regions, shedding light on the global reach of Counter-Strike 2's player base. The numbers reveal a fascinating picture of where the game is making its mark.

Leading the charge is Europe, boasting a commanding presence with a staggering 71.1% of all CS2 Beta players. This impressive dominance showcases Europe's enduring love affair with the Counter-Strike franchise and affirms its status as a hotbed for competitive gaming talent.

Following closely behind, North America secures the second position with a respectable 10.81% of the player base. The region's strong representation underscores its competitive spirit and the enduring popularity of Counter-Strike in the United States and Canada.

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South America, Asia, Australia, and Africa are next in line, each contributing to the global Counter-Strike 2 community. South America claims 8.34% of all players, while Asia follows closely with 7.84%. Australia represents 1.56% of the player base, showcasing its commitment to the game despite its smaller population. Finally, Africa, although with a modest 0.35%, is not to be overlooked, as it continues to emerge as a budding esports hub.

In addition to the comprehensive regional player distribution statistics, Aquarius brought up an important caveat regarding China's absence from the analysis. This omission arises from the unique circumstances surrounding the Chinese gaming landscape.

Remarkably, Perfect World, a prominent local gaming company in China, has yet to grant access to Counter-Strike 2 via its servers. This intriguing development speaks to the distinct regulatory and operational challenges that international game developers face when navigating the Chinese market.

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