CS2 2024 Medal Arrived In the Counter-Strike 2 Update

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CS2 2024 Medal Arrived In the Counter-Strike 2 Update

The CS2 2024 medal is here from the latest CS2 update. Let’s learn more about it.

The last couple of days in Counter-Strike 2 have been interesting, to say the least. We were among the first to report on the security flaw that caused the reveal of people’s IP addresses, we expect to see an immediate fix. However, the company decided to surprise us with the CS2 2024 medal.

CS2 2024 Medal

In case you haven’t logged in to the game, the 2024 service medal CS2 arrived today with Valve’s newest update. This thing will be available in CS2 from Jan 1, and in order to get it, players will need to reach level 40. Once that happens, they can redeem the reward from the main menu.

Something to keep in mind about the 2024 service medal CS2 is that getting it will bring your level back to 0. In other words, you will need to get to Level 40 once again if you want to get a service medal. 

CS2 Update

Besides the CS2023 Medal, there are a few other things that are new in the latest update. For example, players can now access a shell eject effect for shotguns. Also, dropped weapons caused by buy menu purchasing are now dropped below the player. This is an interesting change that will result in harder weapon drops than before.

The newest CS2 update includes a lot of bug fixes. For example, a lot of exploits have been fixed, players can now add a friend by using their friend code, and more.

In terms of map changes, the latest update fixes a lot of things on Overpass and a few on Ancient. For example, some of the places where players could get stuck are now fixed and players on and Overpass have a lot of lightning and material adjustments. 

CS2 2024 Medal Arrived In the Counter-Strike 2 Update
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