Where to Find Crash Pad Fortnite in New C5 Update

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Where to Find Crash Pad Fortnite in New C5 Update

The Crash Pad Fortnite item is back! Where can you find the Crash Pad Jr Fortnite consumable, and what’s here with the new Fortnite update?

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 has just had its latest patch! The new Fortnite update isn’t a major one that’s bringing in a new weapon or boss, but it has returned a fun item back to the loot pool. The Crash Pad Fortnite mobility item is back in the game! Well, in a way. It’s a Crash Pad Jr Fortnite item, not the fully-sized one. These mobility items are still a unique tool though and help to liven up the loot pool that’s active in the game. When combined with some of the other mobility items this season, this can be one-half of some of the best rotations available too.

The Crash Pad might have gotten smaller, but it’s much easier to find in the new Fortnite update. Considering the scale of low-gravity items here too, this is a fun change. While not great independently, a low gravity effect can supercharge the Crash Pad Jr Fortnite item.

The new Fortnite update has added the Crash Pad Jr. However, just like last week’s Lock on Pistol update, we don’t have a large official patch to go through. Instead, the item has simply been quietly added to the Fortnite Chapter 5 weapons and items. Where can you find the Crash Pad in Fortnite? What does it do, what are the differences with the Jr, and how can you combine it with other items for superior rotation? This is what you need to know about the new Fortnite update.

Crash Pad Fortnite Added Back in

Crash Pad Fortnite

The new Fortnite update has only made one major change to the loot pool, it has added the Crash Pad back in. Not the full-sized Crash Pad we saw back in Chapter 2. Instead, it’s the Crash Pad Jr Fortnite has used more recently.

This is a new throwable item in the inventory. If you’re part of the Fortnite player base that’s only been here since Fortnite OG, it might not be familiar to you. It’s essentially an inflatable pad you can throw down. Once it’s activated it becomes bouncy. That can help you rotate quickly. It’s a consumable item. Once thrown, there’s no way to pick it back up.

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Beyond that, it has some interesting interactions too. As the Crash Pad Jr Fortnite item is inflatable, it even collapses once shot! Getting the hang of chucking them down as you rotate can take a bit of practice. Once it’s mastered though it’s simple to bounce along and rotate further. You can even use it to break fall damage, great for sky basing.

What’s Different About the Crash Pad Jr Fortnite?

If you’re being particularly pedantic about the new Fortnite update, there is a difference between the Crash Pad Fortnite item and the Crash Pad Jr. The Crash Pad was introduced in Chapter 2, it’s a sizeable pad that you can stack and use a bit more freely.

The Jr on the other hand was only introduced in Chapter 4 Season 4. It works exactly the same, but it’s much smaller. This has a bigger impact on its useability than you might think. It’s much harder to time your jumps fluidly with its new size. It used to be simple to throw a Crash Pad under you as you run and rotate as quickly as possible. This is now harder since the impact zone for it is so much smaller. The Crash Pad Jr Fortnite item works the same, but this decreased size is going to make it harder to use.

Where to Find the Crash Pad in New Fortnite Update


If you’re looking for the fresh item in the new Fortnite update, it’s not too hard to find. In Chapter 4 it was only available as part of Heist bags. However, this time it’s in the general loot pool. You can find it in these places.

  • Chests
  • Floor Loot
  • Vaults
  • Supply Caches

Basically, anywhere you can find loot, you’ll find the Crash Pad Fortnite item! Like the Lock on Pistol Fortnite update though, it might not be immediately visible. The loot pool has gotten quite a bit bigger so you might go a little while before you find a Crash Pad in your first game. Since there are no smaller loot pool chests like the Heists bags and vaults this season, it’s all back to RNG! You don’t get them specially for taking down a boss, or at the moment talking to NPC locations in Chapter 5.

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The Crash Pad Jr Fortnite item isn’t the best on its own. However, with two new Chapter 5 items it can be turned into something special. There’s an effect you’ll want to use whenever you get Crash Pad Fortnite items.

Combine it With Berries or Slurp

Fortnite Flowberry Fizz

The Crash Pad might not be the best item independently. However, when you pair it with the low gravity effect it’s much more useful. The Crash Pad propels players up into the air. When you have the low gravity effect, anything that pushes you upwards will send you much further. Shockwaves go further, launchpads go further, and Crash Pad Jr Fortnite items go much further! It turns from a bounce into a legitimate rotation tool.

When you’re using the Crash Pad Jr Fortnite item, it might be best to focus on using it in combination with the Flow Berry Fizz or Flow Berries. These are both new types of consumables for Chapter 5. They give some shield, but also the low gravity effect. When combined with a decent stack of Crash Pads you’ll be surprised how much of the map you can cover.

The most effective way to do this is to use the Fizz. This is a bottle where you can use as much or as little as you want. Even a single tick of shield is going to give you the effect for long enough for a super jump. Keep this in mind, the Fizz holds 100 HP worth of use. With enough Crash Pads, this could be a fantastic way to get around the map.

The Crash Pad Jr might not be as useful as the full-sized version. However, with the new Fortnite update having so many low-gravity tools it can still be a fantastic way to rotate if you’re willing to get a bit creative.

Where to Find Crash Pad Fortnite in New C5 Update
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