Counter-Strike Streamer Shares Game Changing Smoke Trick

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Counter-Strike Streamer Shares Game Changing Smoke Trick

Popular streamer fl0m has just shown off a one-way smoke in Counter-Strike that beats the latest updates by not only blocking line of sight but also extinguishing molotovs

Counter-Strike 2's release brought about sweeping changes to the game's smoke mechanics, with Valve's introduction of ‘Responsive Smokes' requiring players to rethink their smoke strategy. 

In CS2, smokes are now programmed as three-dimensional objects, which means they dynamically fill out an area and are more responsive to light, gunfire, and grenades – the latter two of which can even partially or entirely dissolve smoke clouds. 

While the introduction of new smokes mechanics in CS2 is aimed to eliminate sneaky one-way smokes, it appears there are still some ways to take some tactical smoke advantage, as pro player and streamer fl0m demonstrated on his stream how the new mechanics can still be exploited.

The new one-way smoke trick is surprisingly simple to execute, as explained by the player – you just need to throw a grenade into a smoke that's about to spread out, resulting in a subtle one-way effect. In his demonstration, the player showcases how to pull off the trick effectively at Dust 2's A long doors.

While demonstrating the one-way smoke technique to fellow pro player and streamer MOTM, the player also unveiled that the smoke serves a dual purpose – in addition to providing excellent one-way coverage, it can also protect players from incoming molotovs. 

The new responsive smoke mechanics are not usually capable of extinguishing molotovs, but this new smoke trick removes all those limitations. 

As CS2 is still in beta, Valve is working to fix and optimize any issues with the game. It's unclear how the new smoke interactions will function on the rest of the maps.

Counter-Strike Streamer Shares Game Changing Smoke Trick
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