Counter-Strike Mapmaker Makes Minecraft CS2 Map

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Counter-Strike Mapmaker Makes Minecraft CS2 Map

It’s Minecraft, but it’s CS2! Find out how a Minecraft CS2 map looks like

A talented Counter-Strike map maker named Lillykyu brought the world of Minecraft to Counter-Strike 2 with her “Minecraft Hunger Games” map. It faithfully recreates the core mechanics of Minecraft in a CS2 environment, even featuring a fully destructible environment. Players can find this creative Minecraft CS2 map on the Steam Workshop.

Lillykyu’s Brilliant Minecraft CS2 Map

Lillykyu's map garnered attention in a video by CS2 dataminer Maksim “Gabe Follower” Poletayev, who extensively discussed its features. Drawing inspiration from the Battle Royale genre, players must scavenge for weapons and engage in combat. Furthermore, the map maker has launched four servers to support gameplay.

Leveraging core Minecraft mechanics, Lilly has crafted a Counter-Strike 2 map that offers a unique twist on the classic experience. While combat remains core, strategic depth is added through surprising elements inspired by Minecraft. This encourages active engagement, forcing players to adapt to a dynamic and unpredictable environment.

Counter-Strike Mapmaker Makes Minecraft CS2 Map

Credit: Lillykyu on X, and Gabe Follower on X

The map boasts a unique environmental layer: every block is destructible. This isn't just about chaos – the material dictates difficulty. Wooden crates crumble under fire or can be damaged using a knife, while reinforced walls demand heavy weaponry.

Scattered across the map are explosive TNT blocks, offering tactical demolition and a thrilling rocket jump for aerial maneuvers. Pistons provide a safer alternative for launching yourself to higher ground. The map brims with a diverse arsenal waiting to be discovered. Keep a keen eye, and you will be easily able to find some.

Gabe Follower reports that the Minecraft CS2 map receives daily updates and brings a constant wave of fresh additions to the mod. LillyKyu has ambitious plans to expand the map pool, possibly recreating iconic locations like Dust 2's “Long” area. She's even exploring in-game building mechanics, allowing players to shape the battlefield itself! Lilly also wants to share resources that will allow interested players to build their own customized CS2 maps.

Want to try the map yourself? All you need to do is head to the Minecraft Hunger Games Steam Workshop page and hit the subscribe button. CS2 will automatically download the necessary files when you launch the game afterward. Once downloaded, you can access the map in the Workshop section or join a server to team up with others for gameplay.

Counter-Strike Mapmaker Makes Minecraft CS2 Map
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