Counter-Strike 2: Ropz Voices MR12 Concerns

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Counter-Strike 2: Ropz Voices MR12 Concerns

FaZe Clan rifler Robin “ropz” Kool raised some concerns about Counter-Strike 2's potential shift to the MR12 format

A fresh update in Counter-Strike 2 has introduced a significant change. It has moved to the MR12 format from the CSGO standard MR16, meaning CS2 matches will be decided in 12 rounds, instead of 16 rounds. FaZe Clan star Robin “ropz” Kool is not a big fan, however, as he thinks the new format will lead to more “random” in tournaments once Counter-Strike 2 rolls in. 

During his latest live stream, the well-known professional player was questioned about his viewpoint regarding the recent change. Responding to this, he expressed his personal displeasure, sharing that he holds a negative opinion about the change, like many other fans and professionals. 

According to the 23-year-old, this alteration could potentially lead to a rise in unpredictable outcomes during tournaments. Additionally, he highlighted a significant consequence of this modification: the increased significance of pistol rounds. This effect will become particularly apparent once CS2 is officially launched and the change is integrated into the competitive arena.

“I think I dislike it as well. But if people want to try it, I don't care. I think there's gonna be even more random results [because of] pistol rounds. They'll have to ditch the pistol rounds. They just have too much impact.”

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Counter-Strike 2: Ropz Voices MR12 Concerns

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It won't be easy for dedicated followers of professional CSGO to dispute the validity of ropz's viewpoint. 

The sequence transpires as follows: a team claims victory in the pivotal pistol round, and proficiently navigates through the subsequent pair of rounds—often characterized by a strategic force buy followed by a prudent eco round—effectively amassing a noteworthy three-round lead. It's worth noting that while the challenges posed by force buys and eco rounds are evident, they are by no means insurmountable hurdles.

Considering the scenario of both pistol rounds successfully secured, a team theoretically gains a significant advantage with six rounds nestled in their tally. This advantageous position dictates that merely seven additional rounds are required to secure victory on the map. In essence, teams showcasing proficiency in pistol rounds are primed to tip the scales in their favor, ushering in a wave of potential upsets and an intriguing influx of unforeseen results.

Valorant players are used to this format, but there is a touch of intricacy that sets the game apart from the Valve title. The interplay between economy and gameplay takes on a distinct flavor owing to the unique abilities possessed by Agents, making the dynamics following pistol rounds far from the straightforward affairs observed in CS2.

Notably, Benjamin “blameF” Bremer has also shared his insights on this matter. As the mastermind behind Astralis' in-game strategies, he weighed in with a positive stance on the shift to the new system. However, his endorsement comes with a caveat—a need for prudent handling. He underscores the possibility of unintended outcomes, cautioning that a lack of careful management could lead to undesirable results.

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The verdict on ropz's stance will have to wait until CS2 makes its debut. The game's arrival was initially scheduled for this summer, yet at present, there's no concrete information regarding the precise launch date.

Counter-Strike 2: Ropz Voices MR12 Concerns
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