Counter-Strike 2 Cheats Are Here, Be Prepared

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Counter-Strike 2 Cheats Are Here, Be Prepared

Let’s learn more information about the Counter-Strike 2 cheats and everything we should know about them.

There’s no arguing that the Counter-Strike franchise is legendary, but if there’s one thing that has caused problems, it has to be cheaters. Whether you were playing 1.6, CS:S, CSGO and now CS 2, there have always been cheaters. We expected Counter-Strik 2 to fix most of the problems because Valve will be using AI to deal with cheaters, but it seems like this isn’t the case, at least not yet.

When talking about Counter-Strike 2 cheats, those things are available even today. Despite the fact that the game is not officially out yet, there have been tons of reposts about CS 2 cheaters. Some of them do not care at all and even livestream their gameplay on YouTube and other platforms. What’s even more surprising is that they are playing with their main accounts, meaning they are confident that Valve will not take action against them.

Counter-Strike 2 Cheats in Premier Mode

One of the latest additions to the CS2 beta is the competitive option, which Valve calls “Premier Mode”. The idea behind it was to introduce people to the new system with the MR12 format, as well as a new leaderboard. While it’s true that people have loads of fun playing, some players are using Counter-Strike 2 cheats all the time, which simply ruins the experience for others.

When talking about CS 2 cheaters, there have been reports about people using all kinds of things. There are wallhacks, aim hacks, and many other things, but what’s interesting is that users are taking advantage of them to climb the leaderboard. In a tweet from a few days ago, ThourCS revealed that some players have a 100% win rate in Premier. What’s even more surprising is that the player also included a video of a guy called Rustic, who is clearly using a wallhack.

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The bad thing about the Counter-Strike 2 cheats is that this is just one of the many examples of players who have been using the system. The fact that some cheaters are even live streaming their actions shows they are confident in the system’s inability to ban them.

CS 2 Cheaters – The New AI System

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AI has been growing in popularity in the last couple of years, so it’s no surprise that Valve and other gaming companies started using them. One of the things that players were hoping for is for AI to finally fix the cheater problem. However, it seems like the Counter-Strike 2 cheats are still a problem, at least for now.

The thing about AI is that it’s something that will become better over time. If we take a look at things, such as ChatGPT, we can see that it wasn’t that good when it was first released. However, things are different today because it’s much more efficient than it was. This means we expect to see something similar with CS 2’s anti-cheat system.

The thing that we are most interested in is whether the anti-cheat system will be able to detect all types of CS2 cheats. Besides the obvious ones, some people use all kinds of tricks to change certain models, which is also considered a form of cheating. However, it seems like Valve’s AC does not get triggered by those Counter-Strike 2 cheats, at least not yet.

What kinds of Counter-Strike 2 Cheats are there?

Despite the fact that most CS 2 cheats are not working yet, you can come across a few popular ones online. We at ESTNN do NOT encourage you to use such things because it ruins the experience for others, and you will eventually get banned. However, many people are curious to learn more about the available Counter-Strike 2 cheats, so here are a few of the available options.


One of the cheats that was really popular in CSGO will also be available in CS2. Gamesense is something that people have been using for years, so we expect it to do the same thing in CS2. However, considering the fact that it’s not the safest option out there, it’s probably not a good idea to use it on your CS 2 account.

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This is probably one of the most popular CS 2 cheats right now because it’s easy to use and can be found on many sites. Aimware is the thing that causes players to spin around and kill everyone. To be honest, this is the most obvious cheat in the game, so it’s not really that fun using it. Moreover, you will get reported by pretty much everyone. 


Inuria is a Counter-Strike 2 cheat that a lot of people expect to be extremely popular. Similar to its CSGO version, it is affordable and fairly hard to detect, which is one of the reasons why a lot of people like it. Although this is not a private cheat, it will be pretty big in the future.


If you take a look at some of the recent top searches regarding Counter-Strike 2, you will see that CS 2 nightfall tops it. This is one of the newest and most sought-after CS 2 cheats in existence.

Following our investigation, it turned out that this is an external cheat that costs around 25 EUR a month, meaning it is a lot more expensive than the rest. Some users on Reddit reported that certain features were not available when it was first introduced, but we expect this to change in the future. 


There will be way more CS 2 cheats to pick from in the future, which means that Valve’s AC will need to step up its game. If it really uses AI tech, it will need some time to get rolling, but once that happens, the company should be able to deal with most cheaters. We’re yet to see what’s going to happen in the future.

Counter-Strike 2 Cheats Are Here, Be Prepared
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