Could The Shockwave Bow Become The Best Late-Game Weapon in Fortnite?

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Could The Shockwave Bow Become The Best Late-Game Weapon in Fortnite?

Fortnite’s newest Shockwave Bow could potentially change up the late-game playstyle of many players.

Fortnite has shaken up the game's meta again with the new update and diversified the weapon pool more than ever. With the addition of several weapon types and combinations to use, players and content creators are trying everything out to pick their favorite go-to weapons for the upcoming matches.

The Primal weapons have garnered people's attention as the absence of sniper rifles in the current season encourages players to play fearlessly and run down their opponents on the battlefield. The Bow weapon has been incorporated in the past, but Season 6 takes the variety to another level. It has allowed players to craft various versions of the bow and attach various effects to the bows like shockwave, explosive, stink and more. These weapons are straightforward and land consistent damage on the enemies.

The Shockwave Bow, in particular, has received praise from the community and professional players as it creates unique opportunities for the user. Especially in the late-game, where players are packed up in boxes and the storm deals an enormous amount of damage.

Update: the Shockwave Bow has been disabled in competitive queues. But it's still a go-to option in other queues.

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How to craft the Shockwave Bow

A Shockwave Bow weapon from Fortnite is shown on an orange and yellow gradient background.

Crafting the Shockwave Bow is an effortless task. Players need to get their hands on the uncommon green rarity- Makeshift Bow. They need to harvest some metal to obtain four mechanical parts and make the Rare Makeshift Bow.

  • 4x Mechanical Parts + 1x Uncommon Primal Bow = Rare Makeshift Bow
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Lastly, the player needs to have two shockwave grenades to craft the Epic Mechanical Shockwave Bow.

  • 2x Shockwave Grenades + 1x Rare Makeshift Bow = Epic Mechanical Shockwave Bow.

For knowing more about the new system crafting system and other crafting recipes in Fortnite, click here.

How to dominate late-game with the Shockwave Bow

Now that you are ready with your Shockwave bow, let us showcase some ways to utilize it in sticky situations. The weapon works similar to the old Kit's Catty Launcher. But players have better control over the angles, leading to some very creative plays in the game.

Some players are using the weapon to ambush enemies inside the boxes, similar to the shockwave grenades, which was expected. But content creators like SypherPK have unleashed the weapon's true potential in one of his recent videos on YouTube.

Even though the video showcased the Mythic Primal Shotgun's capabilities in short-range fights, SypherPK got his hands on the Shockwave Bow after eliminating an enemy in the late game. After that, he came up with a unique strategy to damage enemies' walls and shot the bow into their boxes to knock them back into the storm. As it is the start of the season now, many players were camping in the boxes to secure themselves the victory umbrella. Still, the Shockwave Bow presence made it impossible to hold boxes. It made players constantly change their positions or take heavy damage from the late-game storm.

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The Shockwave Bow might not be that useful in standard matches. But it could be instrumental in the competitive matches where players usually hold their ground and play for the heal-off in the late game. In those situations, players with this weapon could gain the high ground and force nasty fights for the enemies and forge an easy way to victory for them.

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