Copenhagen Flames Brings Back Talented Former AWPer Farlig 

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Copenhagen Flames Brings Back Talented Former AWPer Farlig 

The former Astralis AWPer is set to replace Iulian “regalia” Harjāu

Asger “Farlig” Jensen has officially signed with Copenhagen Flames to become their sniper once again in a repeat of their time together back in 2020.

Following the disappointing failure of Copenhagen Flames to qualify for the Paris Major Europe Regional Major Rankings, the Danish organization transfer-listed regali and made the return of Farlig official. 

The squad had their first match against Aurora with Farlig as their sniper, in the BetBoom Playlist Urbanistic on March 13. 

Although their opponent won with a score of 2-nil, Farlig displayed an impressive rating of 1.24. Thanks to his consistency throughout the course of the game, the AWPer managed to land the maximum kill shots and damage to his enemies, which left a positive impression on his squad despite the beatdown.

Before this new development, the 23-year-old athlete was famously signed by Danish giant Astralis. However, during his time Farlig was struggling to maintain consistency. Besides his long string of subpar scores, including an average rating of 0.99, the team themselves were also failing to put up a fight in the international arena, regularly losing to teams several tiers below them in the CSGO hierarchy. 

During this time, Astralis did have some successes — securing top-four both at IEM Cologne and at the Roobet Cup, as well as finishing second place in the Pinnacle Cup Championship. 

Eventually, the Danish club replaced Farlig with Nicolai “device” Reedtz, benching the Danish prospect in October 2022. Since then, he has been a free agent, and it looks like his lucky stars have lined up as his former team, Copenhagen Flames, welcomes him back to the squad. 

Since the squad's last roster change about seven months ago, not qualifying for the Paris Major Europe RMRs was arguably their biggest disappointment. 

Not only was regali known as one of the most promising young snipers in the CSGO scene, but he was reportedly the highest performing player within the squad, maintaining a rating of 1.20 rating. As a result, Copenhagen Flames not making it to the RMRs was a letdown to its fans. 

Until the qualifier rounds, the team had been going strong, winning several online tournaments. From being the champions at the European Development Championship 6 and CCT South Europe Series 1, their performance as a team had been consistent. 

During the recent roster changes, CPH Head of Esports Philip Karsbøl made an official statement from the Danish club, claiming that the roster change was necessary. Although he left some positive remarks about AWPer regali, he mentioned that with the direction that the team is headed, Fargil seems like the best fit at the moment. 

The current roster for Copenhagen Flames is as follows:

  1. Rasmus “⁠raalz⁠” Steensborg
  2. Asger “⁠Farlig⁠” Jensen
  3. Johannes “⁠b0RUP⁠” Borup
  4. Thomas “⁠birdfromsky⁠” Due-Frederiksen
  5. Thomas “⁠TMB⁠” Bundsbæk
  6. Coach: Benjamin “⁠cube⁠” Stabell

Stay tuned to know more about what’s next for this squad and be sure to look around our website for more updates in the CSGO scene.

Copenhagen Flames Brings Back Talented Former AWPer Farlig 
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