“Complete Nonsense” Team HYDRA’s Manager Refutes Claims of Lefitan’s Cheating

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“Complete Nonsense” Team HYDRA’s Manager Refutes Claims of Lefitan’s Cheating

Team Hydra’s manager, Svyatoslav Frank-Orlovsky, defends Anatoly “Lefitan” Krupnov, who had been accused of cheating using a third-party software

Several members of the Dota 2 community, including Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski and Ammar “ATF” Al-Hassaf, have accused HYDRA’s Anatoly “Lefitan” Krupnov of cheating in the past few weeks. “Lefitan” was not criticized by all of his peers, however. Many Dota 2 professionals came to his defense and he also got his team manager by his side. 

Gorgc expressed his frustration about Lefitan getting away with cheating. “I don’t know how Valve doesn't like permaban people like this instantly. It should be so f**cking fast,” the Swede said in his live stream. ATF also spoke about the issue later. “He is a cheater and I told him that he is a cheater, so he got mad,” the young offlaner claimed. 

Recent statements from members of the Dota 2 community have shown increased support for Lefitan, however, negating any prior accusations of foul play. 

Anton “antoha” Marchenko, a Russian Dota 2 pro who previously played for Team Sexy, has stressed that there is no evidence of dubious behavior in Lefitan's gameplay. 

“Im just fed up with the community. There is not a single piece of evidence that Lefitan is cheating. Not a single dirty de-ward + he plays in a Bootcamp where 4 other players and management can see his monitor.” 

Team Hydra’s manager, Svyatoslav Frank-Orlovsky, also defended his team’s player. 

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“This (cheating accusations) is complete nonsense. We have known Lefitan for over a year. I brought him to Hydra. We, of course, checked him for all these rumors. I went to his home and watched him play pub games. When we play pub games, I always sit in discord with the team and watch the game through his eyes.”

The consequences of cheating in Dota 2 are severe, with Valve imposing a lifetime ban from all Valve-affiliated tournaments on professional players found guilty of cheating, meaning they would be unable to participate in the Dota Pro Circuit, Major tournaments, or The International, which is the largest Esports tournament globally and could be career-ending for them.