CoD: Chicago Huntsmen Officially Rebranded As OpTic Chicago

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CoD: Chicago Huntsmen Officially Rebranded As OpTic Chicago

Months of speculation have finally come to an end, with OpTic Gaming releasing an official announcement today.

Today OpTic Gaming released a statement confirming that Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez had reacquired the OpTic Gaming brand from Immortals Gaming Club. Rodrguez said “OpTic Gaming has always been a part of me, and I am glad that it has finally returned home to our fans”.

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At the end of the announcement video, a new OpTic Chicago logo is shown. This suggests that the current Chicago Huntsmen team will be rebranded as the Chicago OpTic. This is something which many fans thought may happen after the sale of OpTic Gaming’s Los Angeles spot to the new team, LA Thieves.

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OpTic Gaming has, without a doubt, the biggest following in Call of Duty. However, their sale to Immortals was not handled well by the fans. OpTic isn't really the OpTic name. Instead, OpTic is the people. The family of H3CZ and Scump, this is why the Huntsmen gained such a following in the inaugural Call of Duty League season.

This does raise some eyebrows, however, as we are unsure what will happen to the Chicago Huntsmen. We assume that they will rebrand, and therefore all the players will stay but the Huntsmen name will be retired. While this may seem like a bad decision after spending a year building the brand, H3CZ and the rest of the team know that having the OpTic name brings more value than any other in Call of Duty.

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