Call of Duty: SuperEvan & DaizBiffle Win HusKerrs’ Howl $300K Grand Finals

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Call of Duty: SuperEvan & DaizBiffle Win HusKerrs’ Howl $300K Grand Finals

Last night SuperEvan & DiazBiffle took home the $75K first place prize in the Grand Finals of HusKerrs’ Howl, here’s how their tournament went.

HusKerrs’ Howl is a Warzone tournament series run by popular streamer Jordan “HusKerrs’” Thomas. The tournament consisted of three qualifier rounds, Zlaner & Aydan took home Qualifier One and Three while BobbyPoff & Crimsix were the winners of Qualifier Two. While SuperEvan & Biffle took the victory, it wasn't without controversy. Here’s how they won the $75K Grand Final.

SuperEvan & Biffle’s Road to Victory

They started off in round one against TeePee & Crowder. This was an easy match for the duo and they won by a massive 34 kills with a 64-30 score. While this match was simple, Winners Round two was where the controversy was. This match was against Tommey & Rated, SuperEvan died to a player and encountered the killcam glitch where it is extremely laggy and looks like the player shot less shots than he did. Evan assumed this was a cheater and went to the admins.

After further due diligence, it was revealed the player had a 1.2 overall K/D — and had not achieved more than 10 kills in a match today. He also died 3 times in that match, and was killed by Tommey & Rated twice. This was enough for the admins to decide on no reset. The tournament went on — but Evan didn't like this. SuperEvan & Biffle refused to play on, so the admins decided on a reset. Therefore, Tommey & Rated refused to play. This resulted in tournament host HusKerrs coming in to make the final decision and he decided on no reset.

SuperEvam & Biffle went on to lose the match 55-24 and were knocked down to the losers bracket where they took on Repullze & Priestahh. This was a close match, however Evan & Biffle were too strong and won 55-42 to progress to Losers Semis. Here they had a rematch against Round One opponents, TeePee & Crowder. Yet again, Evan & Biffle came out on top, however it was much closer than the first match with a 57-51 score.

In the Losers Finals they had to get past tournament host HusKerrs and his partner Symfuhny. This wasn't a challenge for Evan & Biffle. They swiftly won 52-33 and progressed into the Grand Finals for a rematch against Tommey & Rated. Coming from the Losers bracket, Evan & Biffle needed to win two series against Tommey & Rated. This wasn't an issue and they started off strong; winning 69-49, before taking the second series 85-72 to win the tournament.

SuperEvan & DiazBiffle took home $75K, while second place Tommey & Rated took home $50K. HusKerrs’ Howl was an extremely good Warzone tournament and provided many extremely good matches. While we’re not sure when the next major Warzone tournament will be, we could see some Black Ops Cold War tournaments following its release next week.

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