Tommey Joins 100 Thieves As Professional Warzone Player & Content Creator

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Tommey Joins 100 Thieves As Professional Warzone Player & Content Creator

After returning to Call of Duty just days ago, 100 Thieves have announced the signing of their first professional Warzone player.

100 Thieves announced their return to competitive Call of Duty on November 6 as they join the Call of Duty League as the LA Thieves. During their announcement video, they mentioned how they would be entering the realms of professional Warzone and COD Mobile too. They have wasted no time in doing so, revealing their first competitive Warzone signing today with Thomas “Tommey” Trewren.

Who is Tommey?

Tommey is currently a Warzone streamer and competitor. However, Tommey has been part of professional Call of Duty since its birth, competing in his first tournament back in 2010 during Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Last year, Tommey joined the Dallas Empire as a substitute, and ever since the release of Warzone he has been one of the best players in Verdansk.

He has proved his worth as a professional Warzone player too, recently placing second in the Grand Finals of HusKerrs’ Howl. Tommey is the eighth highest earning Warzone player, with a massive $54K in prize money won since the game's release. In the last month, Tommey has averaged 1,227 viewers on Twitch as he competes in these high stakes tournaments, proving that not only does he have the talent, he also has the entertainment and personality to attract over 3,425 subscribers as of writing.

Tommey has joined as a professional Warzone player and content creator. 100 Thieves fans should be extremely excited by this signing, as Tommey is one of the best Warzone players in the world. With most tournaments run in a duos format, we may see 100 Thieves pick up another player to accompany Tommey, or he may be free to choose whichever partner he wishes.

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