Cloud9 Secures Final NA Spot At VCT Champions 2021

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Cloud9 Secures Final NA Spot At VCT Champions 2021

Cloud9 Blue will join Sentinels and Team Envy in Berlin for VCT Champions 2021.

After weeks of delays, technical issues, COVID scares and weather issues, North America finally has its three teams that will be competing at VCT Champions. Cloud9 Blue booked their ticket to Berlin in impressive fashion, taking down RISE Nation 3-0 in the Grand Finals of the Last Chance Qualifier.

It has been a year of ups and downs for the organization, from the failing “colossus” CS:GO project to going full throttle with their Valorant program. Cloud9 has entertained the idea of being one of the best teams in North America but never lived up to the potential of their roster. Ahead of the first-ever VCT major, Cloud9 came within rounds of locking their place, only to throw it away.

Now taking on the moniker “Chaos9”, due to Leaf, Xeppaa and IGL Vanity bonding from their time in the CS:GO scene, Cloud9 Blue came into the LCQ with a point to prove. They have some of the best players in the region and it was time to put their money where their mouth is. Here is how they took down RISE in the Grand Final.

It was a Breeze for Cloud9 on Map One

After getting veto priority, RISE opted into Breeze, a map that has worked wonders for both teams in the past. It was Cloud9 who came out swinging out the gates on this one, after securing their customary pistol round win, Cloud9 went on to win the next four rounds to have a 5-0 start. RISE would bring it back, however, winning five of the next seven rounds to give themselves a fighting chance going into the second half.

Cloud9 proved to be just as ruthless on defence as they were on offence, closing out the game 13-8 to go 1-0 up in the best-of-five. Leaf was the star player in this one, putting up monstrous numbers on Jett, securing eight first kills for his side.

A perfect game for C9 on Split pushes them to match point

There is very little analytical work to be said in Map Two of this best-of-five. This was utter dominance from the side of Cloud9 Blue from start to finish. Cloud9 pulled out all the stops in this one, switching up their composition with Xeta moving onto the Breach, while Leaf transitioned onto Skye.

RISE was on the offence for the first half, though based on how the rounds went, it felt as if C9B was the team attacking. C9 was controlled but aggressive when they needed to be, something they should be praised for since the acquisition of Vanity. Xeppaa was a monster on Raze, going an impressive 21/4 with an average damage per round at almost 300.

A back and forward Bind sees C9 qualify for Champs

Cloud9 secured their spot in Riot’s inaugural Valorant World Championship with a nail-biting 13-11 finish on Bind. This map could not have been any closer, the first half started off with a 6-6 split with RISE Nation fighting for their lives.

RISE seriously put the pressure on Cloud9, winning three of the first four rounds, putting them in a great position to send this series to a fourth map. Despite the pressure being put on them, Cloud9 Blue persisted with their game plan and won four straight. From then on it was Cloud9’s to lose. Luckily for their fans, they were able to pull it out at 11-11, winning the next two rounds and booking their flights to Berlin.

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