Cloud9 Introduces Fortnite Training Grounds Geared Toward Young Players

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Cloud9 Introduces Fortnite Training Grounds Geared Toward Young Players

Cloud9 added Fortnite to its Training Grounds program for aspiring young players.

Professional esports organization Cloud9 revealed that it would offer competitive training for young aspiring Fortnite: Battle Royale players. In May, the South America-based brand announced their Training Grounds program, promising an “educational, fun, and collaborative experience” for young gamers between ages 13 and 15. The training course included only MOBA players when it launched just seven months ago. Now, impressionable Fortnite players looking to improve their game can enlist.

What is Cloud9’s Training Grounds Program?

Professional players helped design the Fortnite portion, and the organization brought in multiple coaches to assist with the various lessons. Cloud9 plans to condense all of the most crucial details into a three-day course. For $200 USD, players between the age of 13 and 17 specific to the NA East and NA West regions can participate. Each course will last seven hours with various beneficial offerings from December 21 to December 23.

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Camp Format

  • Each player will be placed on a team with other players for the camp duration.
  • Lessons will include a presentation on game elements, skills tests, VOD Review, and special guest speakers.
  • Open participation scrims every day before and after camp.
  • Games and communications are overseen by Training Grounds Counselors.
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The Value of Training Young Talent

Competitive Fortnite is arguably one of the most complex games for anyone to learn. Rotations, early game, mid game and end game strategies are just a few topics to scratch the surface. VOD reviewing and understanding game elements are crucial to success in Fortnite. Cloud9 wants to help produce more outstanding talents in a scene houses hundreds of thousands of players, vying for million-dollar prize pools regularly.

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Cloud9’s offering goes beyond what most esports organizations are doing currently. Helping develop younger talent in a positive and non-toxic setting is imperative in a competitive scene like Fortnite. Although we don’t know the specific content included, Cloud9 Training Grounds could elevate a mediocre Fortnite player’s skills to the next level. The organization’s recent North American talent grab paints a good picture of their dedication to Fortnite, at least in the short-term. Feel free to visit Cloud9’s Winter Break Camp page to learn more about their Fortnite Training Ground.

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