Cloud9 ADC Berserker Wins the MVP Award for 2023 LCS Spring

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Cloud9 ADC Berserker Wins the MVP Award for 2023 LCS Spring

The first bot laner to win the award since Doublelift back in 2018.

After nearly a month-long heated discussion about the last regular season award, LCS finally announced its Most Valuable Player for the 2023 Spring Split. There were a lot of candidates for LCS’s most-prized individual achievement, including many of his teammates, but the eventual victor was Cloud9’s young ADC Kim “Berserker” Min-cheol.

This is the 19-year-old Korean bot laner’s second season with Cloud9, which is the first professional team he played on. His career might be short, but Berserker's resume is already impressive. In just three splits he was selected to the 2nd All-Pro Team twice, voted into the 1st All-Pro Team for the 2023 Spring along with the LCS MVP award and became an LCS champion last Summer, where he was also the Finals MVP.

Despite tough competition from the likes of FlyQuest’s Lee “Prince” Chae-hwan, Berserker had an amazing Spring and cemented himself as the top ADC in the region. He led the LCS with a 10.3 KDA, only player over 10 who played more than two games, and was top three among ADCs in almost any laning stat, according to the stats from Oracle’s Elixir. On top of the success he found with Cloud9 on the Rift, they are qualified for the LCS Spring Finals and already guaranteed themselves a spot in MSI 2023, Berserker quickly became a fan favorite outside the game.

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An organization not stranger to MVP awards

Cloud9 is quickly becoming one of the most successful organizations in the LCS, and individual awards are not an exception. In the last eight splits, Cloud9 players won five MVP awards (Svenskeren 2019 Summer, Blaber 2020 and 2021 Spring, Summit 2022 Spring, Berserker 2023 Spring). For the last four seasons, no player from another organization than Cloud9 won MVP during Spring.

In the same time span, Cloud9 also won three LCS championships. They are now currently looking for the fourth, which would also be the first back-to-back win for them ever since NA LCS rebranded to the LCS. On their way to the Finals in Raleigh, North Carolina, Cloud9 got two dominating victories against CLG and FlyQuest. They are now one series away from another title, which they will play against the winner of FlyQuest vs Golden Guardians on Sunday, April 9.

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Cloud9 ADC Berserker Wins the MVP Award for 2023 LCS Spring
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