Cloud9 Majority in the 1st LCS All-Pro Team for the 2023 LCS Spring Split

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Cloud9 Majority in the 1st LCS All-Pro Team for the 2023 LCS Spring Split

First and second seeds Cloud9 and FlyQuest made up nine of the fifteen LCS All-Pro slots.

LCS Spring Split ending and playoffs almost arriving means it’s time for the award season to start as well. The first individual award to be announced was once again the All-Pro teams. The three teams are voted on by the LCS broadcast team, third-party media and the pro teams themselves, with the voting taking place on March 14-19th during and after the conclusion of Week 8 of the 2023 LCS Spring Split. This year’s All-Pro Teams had representatives from all playoff teams except one, CLG, with Cloud9 and FlyQuest making up most of it.

2023 Spring LCS All-Pro Teams

It isn’t exactly surprising to see three Cloud9 members in the 1st All-Pro team, considering their dominant second half of the season and their winning record during the first round robin even when they did not look as dominant. However, this created an unfortunate situation for the other strongest team in the league FlyQuest, as their overlap in roles with Cloud9 meant they don’t have a player in the 1st Team, despite their record being the same as Cloud9 before the tiebreaker game. Still, most FlyQuest members found themselves a spot in the 2nd Team, with the expectation of VicLa who had an inconsistent split and Eyla who only played in half of the games.

1st LCS All-Pro Team

  • Top: C9 Fudge (118 Points)
  • Jungle: C9 Blaber (106 Points)
  • Mid: GG Gori (74 Points)
  • Bot: C9 Berserker (110 Points)
  • Support: EG Vulcan (101 Points)

2023 spring allpro 1

2nd LCS All-Pro Team

  • Top: FLY Impact (78 Points)
  • Jungle: FLY Spica (66 Points)
  • Mid: C9 EMENES (62 Points)
  • Bot: FLY Prince (88 Points)
  • Support: C9 Zven (88 Points)

2023 spring allpro 2

3rd LCS All-Pro Team

  • Top: EG Ssumday (30 Points)
  • Jungle:  EG Inspired (28 Points)
  • Mid: FLY VicLa (44 Points)
  • Bot: 100 Doublelift (35 Points)
  • Support:  GG huhi (30 Points)

2023 spring allpro 3

LCS All-Pro surprises and snubs

There aren’t too many surprise entries in this year’s All-Pro voting. The only player who the community might not have expected before the season started is the Golden Guardians mid laner Gori. While the Korean mid laner is no stranger to awards, he won Player of the Split in his LCK debut split during the 2021 Summer and won the PCS regular season MVP with PSG Talon last split, the mid lane pool was looked at as very competitive before the split started.

But with a lot of players having either bad or wildly inconsistent splits like Jojopyun and VicLa, he cemented himself as one of the best mids in the league. Golden Guardians' massive run in the middle of the split to get themselves a playoff spot also helped, and the team’s success was rewarded with two All-Pro spots as the support huhi was selected to the 3rd team.

When it comes to the biggest snub of the split, it has to be the lack of CLG players among any team. Of the six playoff teams in Spring, CLG is the only team without an All-Pro player, despite them finishing the league in fourth place above Evil Geniuses and Golden Guardians with three and two players, respectively. All three top side players of CLG had strong cases for selection. While the stronger jungle pool might explain the exclusion of Contractz, the solo laners had more of a chance.

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Cloud9 Majority in the 1st LCS All-Pro Team for the 2023 LCS Spring Split
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