Chinese Valorant’s Exclusive & Highly Anticipated Features

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Chinese Valorant’s Exclusive & Highly Anticipated Features

Chinese Gamers Await Personalization and Novelty in Valorant's Exclusive Features

Valorant, the viral online multiplayer game, is generating significant anticipation among Chinese players as its release date in the country draws near. In addition to the thrilling gameplay, Chinese gamers eagerly await the exclusive content and features specially tailored to their gaming experience.


Riot Games' announcement of the forthcoming release of Valorant in China has sparked excitement among players. Since its global launch in 2020, Valorant has emerged as a leading first-person shooter game, capturing the attention of millions of players worldwide and establishing itself as a prominent title in the esports scene.

The Chinese release of Valorant, scheduled for July 12, 2023, holds great promise for players seeking unique and personalized gaming experiences. Exclusive features will be introduced, offering Chinese players an array of customization options and innovative gameplay elements unavailable in other regions.

Exclusive Chinese Skins and Bundles

Among the highly anticipated additions is the Tai Chi Fan melee weapon skin, which will provide players with a distinctive and culturally inspired weapon customization. This exclusive skin will allow Chinese players to express their individuality and immerse themselves in the rich heritage of their culture while engaging in intense combat within the Valorant universe. A set of player cards unique to Chinese Valorant has also been revealed.

Chinese Valorant's Exclusive & Highly Anticipated FeaturesCredit: Riot Games

The introduction of the Arcane Bundle and the Champions Bundle further enhances the excitement surrounding the Chinese release. These exclusive bundles will grant players access to a variety of novel customization options to suit their preferences. With these bundles, Chinese players can personalize their gameplay experience and showcase their unique style on the battlefield

The following are exclusive to China:

  • Tai Chi Fan Melee Weapon Skin
  • Arcane Bundle
  • Champions Bundle
  • Other previous bundles
  • Unique set of player cards

Exclusive Chinese Valorant Features

The Chinese version of Valorant will also introduce a dedicated replay system, Fearless Moment, an eagerly awaited feature among players globally. This comprehensive replay system allows Chinese players to review their gameplay rounds, delve into system-selected highlights, and gain valuable insights into their performance. The ability to analyze gameplay strategies, review critical moments, and study detailed statistics such as damage dealt, utility usage and KDA will undoubtedly elevate the competitive experience and foster growth among Chinese players.

The following are exclusive to China:

  • Player Stats
  • Strategy Guides
  • Built-in discord-like chat
  • Watch Tournaments Live from the Launcher
  • The recording tool


image002 1Credit: Riot Games

With Valorant's imminent release in China, players outside the country may encounter challenges accessing the exclusive content. The game will be hosted exclusively on Chinese servers, making it difficult for international players to access the Chinese version without residing in or near China. Acquiring an account tailored for the Chinese version will likely require a qq or WeChat account and a Chinese IP address, creating barriers for players outside the region.

Including exclusive content and features in the Chinese release of Valorant is a testament to Riot Games' commitment to delivering tailored and immersive experiences for players in each region. By providing Chinese players with unique customization options, the game fosters a sense of ownership and personalization, allowing players to express their individuality and creativity within the game's universe.

Valorant Prepares To Welcome China

As the highly anticipated release date approaches, Chinese players eagerly await the arrival of Valorant, eager to explore the exclusive content and features that will enhance their gaming experience. The Tai Chi Fan melee weapon skin, Arcane Bundle, Champions Bundle, and a variety of previously released bundles offer a wealth of opportunities for Chinese players to feel like they are welcome to the already saturated community and help them fit in.

Valorant's release in China signifies a significant milestone for Riot Games and cements the game's position as a leading force in the esports industry. With its exclusive content and features, Valorant is poised to captivate and engage Chinese players, fostering a vibrant gaming community and paving the way for exciting competitions and future success.

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Chinese Valorant’s Exclusive & Highly Anticipated Features
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