“Canceling The Last CSGO Major Was A Mistake”: Thorin

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“Canceling The Last CSGO Major Was A Mistake”: Thorin

Tier-one CSGO journalist and analyst Duncan “Thorin” Shields does not believe canceling the last CSGO Major was a good idea 

Duncan “Thorin” Shields, one of the most familiar faces in the CSGO journalism and analysis sphere, has taken to social media to reveal that he believes Valve made a mistake to cancel the last CSGO Major of the year. Valve scrapped the second CSGO Major of the year, which would have taken place in the final months of 2023, because of the imminent arrival of CS2. The organizer, however, is yet to reveal a specific reveal date for the much-anticipated CSGO sequel. Thorin, therefore, thinks Valve would have had enough time to hold another CSGO Major. 

Paris Major 2023, held between May 8-21, was the last Major in the CSGO era. Fans of the game were expecting another Major later in the year, but Valve announced that the next Major will take place in March 2024, and it will be a CS2 event. 

The CSGO community had expressed diverse reactions to this decision. While some view it as a positive decision, affording players and teams more time to familiarize themselves with the new game, others have voiced concerns about the financial implications of losing a Major. Graham “messioso” Pitt, Complexity’s General Manager, was one of the most vocal critics of the decision. 

Valve has come under severe criticism in recent months as it could not finalize the release schedule for CS2. Many are now raising the question of why did the organization cancel the Fall Major if it was not sure when CS2 will roll out. 

The latest updates suggest that Valve is still not fully prepared for a complete CS 2 launch, leaving numerous fans and professionals feeling unjustly deprived of a Major tournament.

“Canceling The Last CSGO Major Was A Mistake”: Thorin
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