Budget CSGO Skins You Should Have

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Budget CSGO Skins You Should Have

We take a look a the best budget skins in CSGO.

CSGO is one of the most popular games, and it is for a reason. People from different parts of the world play because they want to be among the best. With that said, the game has many fans because of its cosmetic items called skins.

The best CSGO skins can cost thousands of dollars, but this doesn’t mean they provide any in-game benefits. They won’t allow you to be more accurate or do more damage. Instead, they simply change the appearance of a given item and make it look more appealing.

Since some of the top CSGO skins cost a lot of money, most players can’t afford them. Hence, this article will show you some of the “budget” CSGO options you must be aware of. Most of the items on the list will be under $20.

Ocean Drive for Deagle

There is no arguing that the Desert Eagle is the most interesting pistol in CSGO. The weapon has tons of fons, which is why there are loads of different skins you can get.

Although Ocean Drive might not be the most expensive one, it is definitely the flashiest because it has tons of colors. It will probably be too much for some people, but those who want something that allows them to stand out will appreciate it.

What’s interesting about Ocean Drive is that it costs around $12. This is a lot of skin for the money because similar items can be a lot more expensive for other guns.

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Decimator for Tec-9

Love it or hate it, TEC-9 is a popular pistol that people use all the time. It may not be as popular as the Deagle, but it has loads of interesting skins to pick from. Even though some of them are more expensive than others, there are a couple of cheaper options you can go for. One of them is called Decimator, and it costs around $14.

Similar to the skin mentioned above, this one has loads of neon colors. Not all of you will like it, but those that do will definitely appreciate what it has to offer.

Nightwish – AK-47

If you want to have one of the best-looking AK-47s in the game without spending a future, Nightwish is probably one of the best skins you can get. It also includes loads of different colors, such as purple, orange, pink, light blue, and more. 

There aren’t that many flashy skins for the AK-47, so this one definitely stands out. You don’t need to like the rest and spend thousands of dollars for a black skin. Choosing Nightwish will most likely cost under $12, making this one of the most efficient skins in the game.

Player-Two – M4A1-S

The battle between the M4A4 AND THE M4A1-S has been going on for years, but it seems like both weapons have their pros and cons. That said, if you are a fan of the silencer and the fact that you can be more accurate, there is a special skin that you can put to the test.

Player-Two is an interesting option for people who want to be different. While it also has a lot of colors, the item includes interesting drawings, including anime characters. There is even a sign called “ I <3 Skins”, which definitely makes it stand out.

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Player-Two costs slightly more than those mentioned above at $19. However, this amount is worth it because it makes the weapon stand out.

Clear Polymer – Nova

Are you a fan of rifles that deal tons of damage and have the ability to one-shot a target? If the answer is yes, definitely look at Clear Polymer, one of the best skins of Nova. 

Unlike the other options on the list, this one does not have any fancy colors. In fact, it doesn’t even have that many colors because it uses a few shades of green mixed with brown and white. 

Phantom Disruptor – AK-47

The next name on the list is also for the AK-47, and it is called Phantom Disruptor. Unlike the previous option we’ve mentioned, this one does not have bright colors. Instead, it uses an interesting artwork that resembles a monster. It also has cool dark colors that make everything pop up.

Interesting, this weapon costs around $14, which is pretty good. It may not be the unique option on the list, but this doesn’t mean it is not worth it.

Golden Coil – M4A1-S

The next name on the list is an item for one of the most popular guns in CSGO. The Golden Coil, as its name suggests, adds gold and black elements to it, making it unique. 

Those who want to have access to it have to be ready to spend around $15. With that said, this skin might become even more expensive in the future.

Budget CSGO Skins You Should Have
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