Former Astralis Star Bubzkji Hangs Up His Mouse

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Former Astralis Star Bubzkji Hangs Up His Mouse

Lucas “Bubzkji” Andersen, who last played for Astralis, says his playing days are over

Lucas Bubzkji Andersen, a former Astralis man, recently took to his personal Twitter page to reveal his future plans and clarify his stance on returning to the professional scene. In his candid tweet, the Danish gamer made it clear that he has no intentions of making a comeback to professional CSGO. He also shared his aspirations for the future and hinted at what lies ahead in his journey.

Bubzki Bids Farewell To Playing Career

Bubzkji catapulted himself into the global esports spotlight with his exceptional performances while playing for MAD Lions, where he achieved the remarkable feat of winning Flashpoint Season 1. His journey, however, took an interesting turn when he later joined the Astralis roster. Unfortunately, he fell out of the main quintet at Astralis after failing to secure the entry-fragger role.

In early 2022, Bubzkji made a pivotal decision in his career, opting to step away from competitive CSGO after finding himself benched. His hiatus was driven by a waning passion for the game that had once fueled his remarkable journey. Instead of immediately jumping back into the competitive scene, he chose to explore all available options and weigh the importance of his next move.

During this period of introspection, a promising opportunity arose on his horizon. In the early months of 2022, Bubzkji received an enticing offer for a full-time analyst and broadcast role from TV2, a broadcaster he had previously collaborated with. This offer presented a compelling alternative to his competitive gaming career, considering his still-revered “name” and recognized “talent” in the Counter-Strike scene.

After much contemplation, Bubzkji decided to seize the TV2 opportunity, a choice that marked a significant shift in his professional trajectory. To embark on this new path, he engaged in discussions with Astralis, the organization he had been associated with, and expressed his desire for a mutual contract termination.

Remarkably, Astralis respected his decision, demonstrating their support for his pursuit of alternative ventures outside the competitive CSGO arena. This bold career move showcased Bubzkji's determination to explore fresh horizons and evolve within the world of esports.

Bubzkji dedicated a significant portion of his career, spanning more than two years, as an analyst for the Danish TV channel TV2. 

During this time, he played a pivotal role in bringing esports content to a broader audience. However, a notable turn of events occurred when TV2 made the decision to shutter its esports division, leading to the unfortunate termination of contracts for everyone involved in the venture.

In response to this unexpected development, Andersen expressed his readiness for future collaborations within the competitive Counter-Strike industry.

Specifically, he indicated his openness to working alongside renowned tournament operators such as ESL, BLAST, or any other entities keen on providing comprehensive coverage of Counter-Strike 2 competitions. This openness to new opportunities underscores Bubzkji's unwavering commitment to remaining an active and influential figure in the esports world, despite the challenges presented by industry changes.

Bubzki At Astralis: A Move That Did Not Work Out

Bubzkji signed for Astralis in July 2020, initially taking on the role of a sixth player. His inclusion was seen as a strategic move by the team to harness his talents and adapt to the evolving landscape of competitive Counter-Strike. This promising partnership, nonetheless, faced an abrupt setback when Valve, the governing body of the CSGO competitive scene, introduced stringent restrictions on six-man rosters for the Regional Major Ranking cycle.

Bubzkji returned to the Astralis roster in April 2021, a comeback spurred by the departure of Nicolai “⁠device⁠” Reedtz. This marked a pivotal moment in his career as he reclaimed his position as a starting member of the team, and for the following six months, he showcased his prowess and dedication on the competitive stage.

Just as he seemed to have solidified his role within the roster, however, another twist in the narrative occurred. With the impending PGL Major Stockholm on the horizon, Lukas “⁠gla1ve⁠” Rossander, who had been on paternity leave, made his highly-anticipated return. This eventuality led to Bubzkji's unfortunate benching, a decision influenced by the team's need to reintegrate their long-standing captain and leader.

After the PGL Major Stockholm, Astralis made some strategic decisions to reshape their roster. They opted to retain the services of Andreas “⁠Xyp9x⁠” Højsleth and Philip “⁠Lucky⁠” Ewald, cementing their positions in the starting lineup. This decision was grounded in the team's belief in their skills and potential to contribute significantly to Astralis' competitive endeavors.

The team wasn't done there, though; they were committed to further strengthening their lineup. In November, they made bold moves by bringing in Benjamin “⁠blameF⁠” Bremer and Kristian “⁠k0nfig⁠” Wienecke, two formidable talents with impressive track records in the Counter-Strike scene. These additions signaled Astralis' unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of competitive play.

Unfortunately, these roster adjustments left Bubzkji on the sidelines for the remainder of the year. This period of inactivity served as a challenging chapter in his career, prompting him to explore alternative opportunities and ultimately leading to his decision to embrace new roles within the industry.


Former Astralis Star Bubzkji Hangs Up His Mouse
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