Brimstone Essential Post-plant Lineups on Ascent

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Brimstone Essential Post-plant Lineups on Ascent

These Brimstone lineups will hugely benefit your ranked games on Ascent

Brimstone garnered widespread popularity among Valorant's community because of its ability to add significant value to the squad while demanding a low-skill floor to be effective. Each of his skills significantly impacts a team's success, such as smoke bombs, which cover for angles while assaulting and interfere with opponent surge when defending. The steam beacon is handy in any firefight scenario. Finally, the incendiary is a flexible ability that can be used in various situations. One of these scenarios is related to the round's post-plant stage. During these critical times, a few strong Incendiary lineups will prevent the defenders from defusing the spike, thus tipping the odds in your favour. This article looks at the finest Brimstone lineups players can utilise to start winning on Ascent.

Brimstone Essential Post-plant Lineups on Ascent

Credit: Riot Games

A Site Post-plant Lineups

The A site on Ascent is a crucial site for attackers because, with some good use of utility, this one can be taken with relative ease. However, knowing how to play against retaking defenders is a subject you must pay attention to. These post-plant lineups will surely enrich your arsenal as a Brimstone player against a coordinated retake attempt. 

A Default from Long

Close to the generator, the A Default spot gives us the most protection when planting the spike. This A Default lineup will come in handy when you’re positioned in the Long area after the spike plant.


Credit: Snapiex


Step 1: Hug this corner beside the boxes.

image003 1

Credit: Snapiex


Step 2: Line up your left HUD with this spot, as shown below.


Credit: Snapiex

image005 1

Credit: Snapiex

Step 3: A simple left-click launch will land the molly in your desired A Default location.

A Dice from Long

Dice is another common plant spot on the Ascent A site. Many players may choose this spot as an alternative to the default plant location. Therefore, learning to prevent a defender from defusing the spike here will benefit your solo queue journey.


Credit: Snapiex


Step 1: Approach this corner beside the boxes on A Long.

image007 2

Credit: Snapiex


Step 2: Aim at this corner of the distant building with your crosshair.


Credit: Snapiex

Step 3: No HUD lineup is needed for this one. Just stand still and shoot the incendiary. It will land in A Dice area.

A Default from Short

It is well-known that if you play the same post-plant lineup every round, you are bound to get pushed by the defenders. Therefore, to keep your ratty tactics viable, you must become unpredictable. Learning to do the same lineup from multiple spots will reward you greatly.

image009 1

Credit: Snapiex


Step 1: Go to this corner on A Cubby.


Credit: Snapiex


Step 2: The left line of your HUD must be lined up with the below-indicated leaf in the following manner.

image011 1

Credit: Snapiex


Credit: Snapiex

Step 3: Stand still and launch the incendiary to gain a perfect landing on the target.

A Dice from Short

image013 1

Credit: Snapiex


Step 1: When positioned in A Cubby, approach this corner beside the graffiti.


Credit: Snapiex


Step 2: The middle Horizontal HUD line must be lined up with the shown location below.

image015 2

Credit: Snapiex


Credit: Snapiex

Step 3: Do a standing left-click throw, and the incendiary will land precisely on A Dice.

B Site Post-plant Lineups

B site is a tricky map to get into, but once you get the spike planted, you must protect it at all costs. Brimstone is an amazing agent at this job since his Incendiary can be utilised to stall a defuse from a long distance. Let’s dive into a few super useful Brimstone post-plant lineups for B site Ascent.

B Default from Main

Once you successfully take control of B, default is the only plan position that is the most incentivising. This one covers all the angles that you might get attacked from while planting the spike. However, since this spot is so well protected, it can also be difficult to defend from retaking defenders. Therefore, an efficient Brimstone lineup is the advantage to turn the tides in your favour.

image017 1

Credit: Snapiex


Step 1: Get into this corner on B Main.

image018 1

Credit: Snapiex


Step 2: Aim right here, as shown in the below picture.

image019 1

Credit: Snapiex

Step 3: The utility will bounce off of the opposite wall on the site and will land extremely fast, making it a highly efficient lineup for B Default.

B Dices from Main

The B Dices location needs no introduction. This one is the best plant location since this leaves the defenders with the least advantage for defusing. Firstly, it is very effective for the attackers to wall-bang this spot. Secondly, this spot leaves the defenders with only a few wall covers. Therefore, to put the icing on the cake, learn this Brimstone lineup and use it on your ranked games to leave the defenders with no room for success.

image020 1

Credit: Snapiex


Step 1: Walk into this corner on B Main.

image021 1

Credit: Snapiex


Step 2: Simply aim your crosshair at the shown spot below.


Credit: Snapiex

Step 3: Stand still and launch the Incendiary. This is another highly efficient lineup, as the utility will land really fast.

B Corner from Logs

The Logs area is a sneaky spot to play defensively. If the enemy leaves this position unchecked, it can be absolutely detrimental to their strategy. The B Corner is a favourite plant spot when the attacker prefers to play from B Logs in a post-plant situation. With this Brimstone Incendiary lineup, the defenders will have great difficulty stealing the round from you.

image023 1

Credit: Snapiex


Step 1: Tightly hug this corner on B Logs.


Credit: Snapiex


Step 2: Simply aim your crosshair at the spot shown below.

image025 1

Credit: Snapiex

Step 3: Simply press your fire button to launch the Incendiary. This utility will bounce off the wall and land on the spike, leaving no space for the defender to defuse it.

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Brimstone Essential Post-plant Lineups on Ascent
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