BOROS “Not Scared” Of FaZe Ahead Of Paris Major Showdown

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BOROS “Not Scared” Of FaZe Ahead Of Paris Major Showdown

The Monte rifler believes he and his team can carry their impressive European RMR form to the Paris Major 2023 finals

Monte were one of the surprise packages at the Paris Major European RMRs as they came close to securing a Legends Stage spot. Even though they missed out on that, they booked a Challengers Stage spot and flew to the French capital to play some of the best teams in the world. 

The Ukrainians will play FaZe in their first Paris Major game. The American side are one of the most celebrated teams in the CSGO scene because of their trophy-laden history and star-studded roster. Monte rifler Mohammad “BOROS” Malhas, however, revealed in a recent interview with that he and his teammates don’t have butterflies in their stomachs before the big match. On the contrary, he feels optimistic that Monte can win the game. 

“Yeah, FaZe are a really good team and they have much more experience than us, but in my opinion we can beat them. It's a BO1, anything can happen, we will do our best and I am not scared to face them. I am feeling that we can upset this match easily.”

BOROS was one of the brightest stars shining for MONTE at the European RMRs last month. The 18-year-old produced some truly staggering stats at the RMRs, with an average rating of 1.31 and an impact rating of 1.54 across eight maps. He played a significant role in Monte's qualification for the Major, helping his team notch impressive wins over ENCE, Cloud9, and FORZE.

BOROS also revealed how he fell in love with CSGO. 

“There was an internet cafe close to my home, I went there and I saw people playing CS:GO in 2014. I was 10 years old, I played the game for fun and I liked it. Then, in 2017, I started to grind FACEIT. I saw that I was good and I started to play more because it was my dream to be a pro-CS player when I was young.”

The Jordanian also talked about the team chemistry at Monte. 

It feels good to play in this team now,” BOROS stated. “There is no toxicity at all and we have good energy together. This lineup is more serious [than the one with joel and REDSTAR], everyone wants to play and improve and we have the same goals that we want to win everything we can and reach the top. In the other roster, I don't know, everyone wanted to just come, play, and leave instantly. It was like work, but in this team, it feels like we all have some goals.”


BOROS “Not Scared” Of FaZe Ahead Of Paris Major Showdown
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