BoomTV $100K Fortnite OG The Reunion Tournament ft Lachan, NICKMERCS Dr Disrespect & More

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BoomTV $100K Fortnite OG The Reunion Tournament ft Lachan, NICKMERCS Dr Disrespect & More

BoomTV is hosting a $100K Fortnite OG tournament today you don't want to miss! Here's everything you need to know about The Reunion.

Fortnite OG is here, and with it came unvaulted classic weapons, the classic map, and new concurrent player records, as Fortnite saw over 44 million players jumping from the Battle Bus into Fortnite OG last week.

To celebrate the homage to an old but gold era of Fortnite, BoomTV is throwing on a massive $100,000 Fortnite OG tournament. And they're bringing back a bunch of legendary streamers, content creators, and pro gamers.

These legends will drop into Fortnite OG for an action-filled Zero Build Duos competition for their share of the $100,000 prize money and Fortnite OG bragging rights. Duos earn 33 points per win and 2 points per elimination.

With so many OG weapons unvaulted, but with the newer Zero Build format, things will probably go from 0-100 quickly. There might be some SCAR-induced Vietnam flashbacks today.

Prize Pool

The grand prize duo of The Reunion get over $17,000!
Image Source: BoomTV
Even the last-place team can get a decent chunk of change from The Reunion.
Image Source: BoomTV

The Reunion Casting Talent

BoomTV hasn't just brought back legends to compete but legends to cast the event.

Three legends of the Fortnite community are back to cast for The Reunion!
Image Source: @boomtv Twitter/X

Hosted by LifewithPanda, three familiar faces to the Fortnite community will join him as casters: ShyoWager, recently seen in Chapter 4 Major 3, Sundown, returning to casting since Chapter 3 Season 2, and AussieAntics, finally back since his time during the Chapter 2 All-Star EVent.

Fortnite OG – The Reunion Duos

Fortnite OG won't be here forever, so I can understand wanting to spend as much time in classic Fortnite as possible, but this is one event you don't want to miss!

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